Cubana Chief Priest slams

Popular celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest has berated BBNaija season 6 housemate, Boma, over his degrading comment about married housemate, Tega.

Cubana Chief Priest slams

It can be recalled that Boma and Tega made headlines for three consecutive days after a video of them making out surfaced online.

Cubana Chief Priest slams

After their rendezvous, Queen mentioned that Boma told Pere that he had sex with Tega and her veejayajay smells like fish. However, Tega gave a rebuttal, saying her conscience is clear because she knows nothing happened between them.

Watch the video of Queen speaking below,

Reacting to Boma’s alleged statement about Tega’s private part, Cubana Chief Priest lambasted him for disgracing the married woman on national TV and by extension insulting her husband.

According to Cubana, God will punish Boma for sleeping with a woman when he clearly knows that she is married.

He wrote, “How Will You Comfortably F***k A Married Woman, Then Publicize it And Above All Humiliate And Berate The Woman N Her Husband Saying Their Pu**y Smells Like Fish. The Punishment Of F***kin A Married Woman Knowingly Is Deep Even King David God Most Beloved Was Punished Severely By God For Doing It, His Child Died And His Wives Cheated On Him Rapidly, Dear Young World Try Avoid Married Woman Don’t Ever Be Heartless Like Boma.”

See his comment below,


  1. Shame,reproach and humiliation are the tributaries and accompaniments of unrighteousness – Prov 14:34. The moment she decided to become unreasonable to be part of such perverted TV reality show sponsored by satan, what other attendant benefit is she expecting..
    Help me tell Cubana chief priest that God is JUST in administering Justice, therefore the consequences of sin will surely tell on both of them. Every unrighteousness is sin..1Jn 5:17

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