Did you watch day 23 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Game Plans

The Live Show on Sunday really solidified the fact that Big Brother Naija is actually a game to the Housemates. The Eviction was what it took to make it real and has had all of them talking strategy ever since.


Anto has never made a secret of the fact that she is playing a game. From the first time Alex started weeping over the concept that someone may leave, she was blunt and said that she needed to accept that this is how it was going to go. After the Evictions on Sunday she was not shook at all and was even laughing and joking with Leo and others very shortly after. Her direct words about the some of the other Housemates’ strategies were “people are playing candy crush when they should be playing chess.“. Ifu Ennada is another Housemate who believes she will go far in the game due to that fact that she is independent and doesn’t get attached to people, telling Nina that her problem is the fact that she is easily attached and it will work to her detriment.

No Strategy is a Strategy

Quite a few of the Housemates were visibly shaken on Sunday and Nina was one of them, when Miracle went to her aid he expressed his thoughts on the game. He stated that “Everyone can see everything that you do so there is no point in having a strategy, all you can do is be yourself” to which Nina agreed.


Cee-C seems to think she knows the game too, her theory is that the four Evictees are not actually out he game at all and this is just another stunt from Big Brother to throw them off. BamBam has said that she felt her and Teddy A were good as a pair, she theorized that their match made them strong contenders.

A New Love Triangle

The new pairs have shifted the dynamic in the House and some are finding it hard to deal, Nina seems to be caught up in her feelings since Miracle got paired with Anto.

The Mediator

Emotions have become quite wild since the new pairs formed but this afternoon things got even wilder when Anto decided to act as a mediator between Miracle and Nina in light of their constant arguing. All three of the Housemates placed themselves comfortably on the bed and began what appeared to be a couple’s counselling session, with Anto playing the resident psychologist. With patience and grace she tried to allow both of them to speak their piece and then interjected with her wise words. It even seemed like it was working for a while but Nina left the conversation without looking convinced.

The Case of the Jacket

It is obvious that Nina is extremely jealous over the time that Miracle spends with Anto and how he is with her in general. She has tried in every which way possible to get his attention and caused quite a few scenes but even in the midst of all the Drama, Anto has not shown any signs of being bothered. This morning she was wearing Miracle’s red and white jacket in a brazen fashion even after Both Nina and Miracle were all loved up one minute and then fighting the next.

Pillow Talk

It is no wonder Nina has been ablaze with emotion since Miracle won HoH, he did not choose her to share the luxury bedroom with him, he instead chose his new partner and now, the bedroom has become their place of reflection. After the couples counselling session earlier, Both Miracle and Anto took to talking about Nina, almost gossiping about her jealousy.

Taking Responsibility

Earlier today some new rules were thrown into the mix for the Housemates and Biggie has decided to bring responsibility to the fore for everyone.

Time to Adult

In Biggie’s words, this week is “all about being responsible adults” and even though all the Housemates are adults they have had to be scolded by Biggie many times for behaving badly. From cleaning up after themselves to provocation, there have definitely been some childish moments among them. As Miracle told the Housemates that they could not swear this week, a look of shock spread through the room. It is a known fact that many of the Housemates drop verbal bombs left, right and centre and having Waged 50% this week, the Housemates will have to be vigilant. A swear jar has been provided and a BB coin will have to be put in the jar for each swear word.

Clean Living

Last week the Housemates spent much of their Wager on cigarettes and alcohol but this will have to go out the window this week as Biggie has said that no smoking or drinking in the House this week.

Hush Hush

Conspiring which has proved to be one of the Housemates favorite activities is going to be very difficult now that hushed tones and whispering have also been banned this week. This has already proven to be difficult in the case of Miracle and Anto who were speaking in low tones about Nina and her jealousy upstairs, Nina actually over heard them and told them to stop gossiping about her.

You Got Pranked

Buckle Up

This week is themed Not Afraid, and Biggie gathered Housemates in the lounge to assign them with the latest Task, and he was doing it to teach them something about being responsible adults. A Ninja walked to centre of the circle, spreading fourteen envelopes across the coffee table, under Housemates suspicious looks.

The Joke’s On You

After what looked like a long silence, Biggie instructed them to pick an envelope. When they did, many were up for a big surprise as their envelopes contained the odd congratulatory message “You Have A Baby”. Anto, Ahneeka and Alex were asked to step forward and acknowledge the gift of a child, and a moment later, three Ninjas emerged out of the elevator with three tiny baby cots, inside of which were three baby dolls.

Biggie’s voice thundered again that these baby dolls needed to be bathed, soothed, sung lullabies to and cared for like human babies. Housemates looked like they had lost their bearings, and when the first baby cries filled the air, the entire room burst into a hearty laugh at the realization of Biggie’s prank.

Deal With It

Yet with crying babies in their arms, the joyous interlude didn’t last long: Anto was evidently frustrated and repeated several times that it was not funny. Clearly she did not enjoy the forced motherhood game. Ahneeka on the other side never dropped her baby, she walked to the bedroom with it and was joined by her new male pair Angel into a lullaby. Perhaps Alex’s handling of her baby doll revealed more than expected: despite being paired with Tobi, it is Leo who while chatting with Nina jumped from his bed when Alex’s baby cried.

Some bonds are made to last. What do you think?

It Takes A Village

The More The Merrier

Big Brother is not done yet teaching Housemates a lesson on responsibility. Earlier he brought three baby dolls for Ahneeka, Alex and Anto and their partners to care for like real babies. They begrudgingly got on with the Task for no one is willing to cross Biggie anymore as the consequences are unbearable.

Just as the House was starting to get used to the three grafts, and their piercing screams – a sore reminder of parental realities – Biggie pushed the joke further. After the Diary session, he gathered everyone in the lounge and again had them pick an envelope with the same message. Except that this time, Ninjas came out of the elevator doors with more cots and more baby dolls.

Double Wahala

As a joy never comes along, Anto’s and Bambam’s envelopes contained the gift of another baby. Instead of feeling overjoyed, they looked overwhelmed as Anto made no secret that she didn’t enjoy the Task. Teddy A cradled the doll against his will, he smiled of embarrassment like one who had stepped into a sticky situation, yet freeing Nina from the doll’s screams. As for Alex she managed the state on her own, given her partner Tobi seemed to have taken himself out of the picture. Forever bossy, Cee-C didn’t even let Lolu come close to her baby. Angel on his side did the best he could to impress Ahneeka, taking turn to sing lullabies to the baby doll and cuddle it, which took some pressure off her shoulders.

A Woman’s Work

It looks like the only ones who escaped from Biggie’s game were Leo and Ifu as they remained baby-free. Of all the Housemates, it is Anto who had the hardest time with her twins for the lack of support from her partner, Head of House Miracle, was glaring. As much as they were the Ruling pair, it didn’t stop Miracle from turning his back on the Housemate he admitted to have selected for her wits, to go tuck Nina into bed.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 23 activities?

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