Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica lashed out at her fellow housemate, Lucy last night for being rude and speaking ill of her love interest, Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya and Lucy didn’t give an impressive performance on stage during the Pepsi task as they forgot their lines in the song even after spending hours to learn it.

Lucy was seen crying after their performance on stage and claimed it was about herself and nothing else.

According to Erica, Lucy had no right to speak to Kiddwaya in such a rude manner, she calls Lucy an attention seeker who intentionally put in such an attitude in every task.

She added that if Lucy had put in equal effort in the rehearsal than spending hours complaining, they would have come good on the final stage of the competition.

Watch below,

Lucy recently shared her intuition of being evicted this Sunday hence her decision to cook for the rest of the house throughout the week.

Lucy, who is usually referred to as the mother of the house took control of the kitchen earlier this morning as she prepared breakfast for the house and plans to cook lunch and dinner.

After being queried on the sudden change in attitude, Lucy replied that she is confident she won’t make it to next week, thus her reason to take it upon herself to cook for them as much as she can.

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