Evicted Big Brother housemate from the Shine Ya Eye season, was shown fan love recently as his stans presented him with some gift items.

In a photo that’s now circulating social media, a money cake with 500 Naira notes, a bunch of balloons, a framed photo of him, customized flask with his name inscribed on it, bracelets, a congratulations card and a tray of small chops were placed on a table to honour the actor.

This display of love has become commonplace among fans of the Big Brother Naija show, where they go all out to show how much they love their favourite housemates.

If their favourite housemate is still on the show, they show so much love by making sure they keep them there by voting excessively and should they be out of the show, they show their love in the manner that was done for Boma… and maybe more, depending on how deep their love is.

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