Fans have said controversial housemate, Cee-C seems to have amnesia after she said she doesn’t remember saying she’s not on the same level with any of the housemates.

During the live show ealierr tonight, while host, Ebuka was addressing the housemates, he specifically asked Cee-C what she meant when she says she’s not on the same level with any of the housemates.

The controversial housemate is known to always engage in heated brawls with fellow housemates most times and in course of this, she’d, while exchanging aggressive words with who she’s engaged in a war with, say she’s not on the same level with the housemate.

Since her statement was recurrent, Ebuka just had to ask what she meant by this and this was where the lovely was lost for words – she finally found something to say and when she did, she said ‘she doesn’t remember’ and maybe she did say so, she might have said it out of anger so she can’t remember.

To refresh your memory, here’s a clip of Cee-C making her controversial statement, this time with Alex…


… and here she is abruptly denying she ever said that,


Cee-C who has since the beginning of the show, been rocking only one hairstyle finally changed it and now has a totally different look with braids, though she still has that fierce face of a warrior.

Reinstated housemate, Khloe earlier tonight, declared her intention of setting Cee-C straight when she returns to the house and virtually everyone can’t wait for the reunion of the two drama queens…

We can only but imagine the drama they’d bring!

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