Very early this morning, Saga told his fellow housemates that Maria grabbed his thing during the Jacuzzi party, which went down on Friday night.

He said this during a conversation with Tega, Boma and Nini.

Saga had disclosed that while they were in the Jacuzzi dancing, she just suddenly grabbed his thing.

The housemates who were in disbelief poked him, wanting to know if she was in the right state of mind, or possibly it was a dare game.. to which Saga said: “It wasn’t a truth or dare, she just f***ing grabbed it”.

“That’s because it was erect. That’s why she can grab it like that”, Tega said.

Nini quipped: “I’m sure you enjoyed it”.

To which Saga replied, “You say I enjoyed it. Somebody defiled me, you’re telling me I enjoyed it”

“How did it happen”, Boma asked.

“I was dancing with her, she just came and grabbed it”, he responded.

Stressing that he has “suffered” in the house, he asked why the current Head of House would do such.

Watch the video below;

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