Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye, Michael has shared his reason why he feels he can easily sleep with fellow housemate, Angel.

The gentleman gave the statement during a discussion with fellow housemates, Pere and Maria following the pool party the housemates had on Friday evening.

According to Michael, he has been seeing some seductive signals from some female housemates, more precisely, Angel. He said he noticed that Angel seems to dig his vibe and that if he chooses to get down with her and makes at advance at her, she would not turn him down.

As he gave this revelation, Maria then asked him why he is yet to seize the opportunity to be with Angel, to which he then reveals that his love interest is Jackie B whom he likes a whole lot more than Angel.

He then shared that he doesn’t want to jeopardize his chances with Jackie B and that’s why he’s refrained from advancing towards Angel.

During the course of the conversation, Michael emphasized that if he makes love to Angel once, she would not able to able get herself off him again as she would remain glued to him and he doesn’t want that because Jackie B is the one he wants.

Recall there was a scenario that happened between Angel and Michael after a particular Saturday night party where Angel was rather intimate with Michael after the party and she nearly locked lips with him but Michael rejected her advances.

He said,

“Don’t play with me girl. Angel, stop playing with me. I know that you are playing with me and I don’t like that”. Angel then told him that “just tell me to leave and I will go immediately”. Michael told her right away that he wants her to leave and Angel leaves instantly.

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