Marvin warns Blue Aiva

Big Brother Titans housemate, Marvin Achi has received praises online for preventing his South African colleague, Blue Aiva, from touching his groin region.

Marvin, from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, was having a chat with Blue Aiva on Wednesday night when she made a move to touch his lower body.

Marvin warns Blue Aiva

Intuitively, he stopped her and warned her not to touch him inappropriately. Blue Aiva, who seemed surprise at the rejection, had to ask for his reason.

In response, the fitness enthusiast said he is keeping his body for his girlfriend back at home, and cautioned her against touching his nether region.

“You can’t touch it. I’m reserving it for my girl,” he said.

Following his response, Aiva curiously asked: “So you have a girlfriend?”

Marvin retorted: “I didn’t get in here single. She’ll get jealous and hurt if I try anything because she’s watching me. Right now, I’m sure she’s at home, missing me.”

The 28-year-old housemate, who had earlier claimed that he was single, however stated that he is keeping his relationship with his girlfriend “light” incase he gets intimate with a girl in the house.

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Marvin’s self-control and respect for his girlfriend has earned him the praise and admiration of viewers of the show.

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