White Money blows

BBNaija: Shine Ya Eye housemate, White Money lost his cool after his fellow housemate, Maria, threw her food away over an uncomfortable discussion.

 White Money blows

It all started when the housemate were having a conversation about cleaning the house and toilet, while they were all eating on the dinning table.

White Money blows

The constant mention of “poo” and “urine” apparently disgusted Maria because she was eating, so she warned them to stop talking about it but they didn’t listen.

In a fit of rage, she flung her food into the sink and stomped away from the dining area. This didn’t sit well with the other housemates as they called her out for being rude; the Head of House, Boma, also confronted her.

White Money, who cooked the food, was infuriated because Maria wasted her food when the housemates are always complaining of being underfed.

According to him, Maria could have just left the dinning area if she wasn’t comfortable with the conversation, instead of throwing the food away.

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