Leo Da'Silva reveals

Reality show star, Leo Da’Silva has taken to social media to reveal why men are usually the first to die in most marriages.

Leo Da'Silva reveals

According to him, men who have lived abroad will understand why their gender always die first in this part of the world.

He cited pressure as the leading cause of death for men because most times, they bare a lot of burdens from their family, work, etc.

He also advised men who have supportive wives to hold them tight because supportive women are hard to find.

“If you have lived abroad as a man, you will get why men are always the first to die in a marriage in this part of the world. It is also mostly heart problems.
Na pressure dey kill us.
Supportive spouse is mostly a myth.
If you find that, hold her with your life,”
he wrote.

The reality show star and businessman also posed a question to people who can’t ask their partners for help.

“Some of you can’t ask your partners for help even when it’s an emergeny. Why are they your partners?” he asked.

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