The early days of the 2019 Big Brother Naija reality TV show had some housemates in the persons of Frodd, Esther and Nelson caught in a Love Triangle, while it seem Esther settled for Nelson, Nelson got evicted so apparently, it died a Natural death.

However with the introduction of New housemate, Venita, to the house, another Messy Love Triangle has come alive and viewers are excited over the drama it is giving.

Omashola has never hidden the fact that he felt lonely in the house because the other housemates were already boo’d up and the Minute Venita showed up in the house, Omashola made his move to impress her and try to make her his boo. Frodd was still in the wings as he never really got along with Esther and he also became interested in Venita.

In recent events, the Big Brother Naija Live Show saw the three housemates, call themselves out after being caught in a messy love triangle.

Ebuka shook some tables during the Live show. While all the housemates were seated in the lounge, waiting for instructions, he appeared on the screen and started to quiz them.

He asked Venita if any of the housemates had changed towards her since her arrival into the house and if she was surprised or disappointed about it.

She answered affirmatively and when he asked who, she didn’t hesitate to mention Omashola and Frodd.

Frodd, on his part, was asked about his feelings for Esther and the situation with Esther. He didn’t mince words as he revealed that he had made it clear from the onset that he still had feelings for Esther and never showed any romantic interest in her.

Omashola was aked about her relationship with Venita and he spoke about the fact that they weren’t on good terms. He elaborated on the fact that on the day she arrived in the house, he had been elated because they were from the same part of the country.

He had backed off when he had told her how he felt about her but she threw it back at him, choosing Frodd instead.

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