Big Brother Titans housemates Olivia and Sandra got into a heated argument on Sunday, January 22.

The drama started after Biggie, in a new twist, paired each housemate with an opposite gender and revealed each pair will now work as partners for the rest of the game and suffer joint consequences, i.e., when one housemate gets evicted, the other automatically suffers the same fate.

Juicy Jay was merged with Olivia, while Sandra got Theo as her partner, but for some reason, it made Sandra worried.

As Sandra was telling some of their colleagues that she wasn’t too comfortable with the pairing, Olivia came around and burst into laughter, despite an initial warning from Sandra not to laugh at her.

Olivia’s laughter triggered Sandra, and she flared up. The two then got into a heated altercation in which they called each other unprintable names.

After the fight, Miracle advised Sandra not to get into a such heated exchange while reminding her that whatever she does will also affect her partner, Theo.

“Sandra don’t fight and if you want to fight go ahead but remember that what you are doing now is very selfish because it is not only your gain”. Theo is your partner, whatever you do reflects on him. Don’t fuck up his dreams because of just one moment. It’s not fair”. Miracle told Sandra.

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