Big Brother Titans housemate, Khosi has given her love interest, Yemi Cregx, a 5-hour ultimatum to severe ties with fellow housemate Blue Aiva.

Yemi Cregx, a 30-year-old model and content creator from Nigeria, is perceived to be in a love triangle with South African housemates Khosi and Blue Aiva owning to his closeness with the ladies.

However, Khosi, who already had a thing going on with Yemi before Blue Aiva came to the house, has now told him to decide on who he wants to be with.

Recall that Blue Aiva was one of the four new housemates that were introduced into the Big Brother Titans house a week after the premiere to compete for the $100,000 grand prize.

Khosi, in a recent chat with Yemi Cregx, said he has 5 hours to choose between her and Blue Aiva, adding that if he chooses her, he would have to completely cut ties with Blue Aiva.

“You have 5 hours to choose between me and Blue Aiva. It’s either you’re with me or with her”, Khosi said in part.

Responding, Yemi Cregx simply laughed her off and tagged her a joker.

“You’re a joker”, Yemi told his love interest, Khosi.

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