Jaypee reveals

Barely a week after the Big Brother Titans show started, Nigerian housemate, Jaypee, has revealed that she is losing her mind due to sex starvation.

The 26-year-old nurse opened up on her struggle during a heart-to-heart conversation with her fellow housemate, Ebubu, on Friday evening.

According to Jaypee who had earlier disclosed that she has seven boyfriends, she is a sex addict and it hasn’t been easy for her to abstain from sex since she entered the house.

 Jaypee reveals

She further stated that her close friends know about her sex addiction and even call her a nymphomaniac – a woman with uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire.

She added that most men she has had sex with knows she has a higher sex drive than them.

“I’m a sex addict, my friends call me a nymphomaniac. I love sex. Since yesterday I’ve been losing my mind; I’m so ho•rny like I’m going crazy.

“I’m that girl that guys meet & realise they don’t love s€x like I do; if I’m with you you’re gonna enjoy the benefit,” she said.

Out of curiosity, Ebubu asked, “Out of the 7 people you are dating like do they know each other?”

She responded, “No they don’t, some know each other but they don’t know I am dating with the other.”

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