For me, it’s Vic O, the rappers bars are life saving… hysterically!

Hehe… be honest though, these three are drowning and you can only save one! Who would it be?!

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  1. Will bring out my fone and start making video recording…..then send to yaba left to post on social media for Nigeria emergency rescue team to safe dem….maybe rescue team will arrive after 3days and claim government didn’t subscribe for them to see it online

  2. All 3.
    My religion teaches me to have mercy and save dieing people. It teaches me to help the weak. No matter their oriantation or religion or colour. I cant watch anyone die. Id save them and take them to the hospital. If possible even pay for the possible fees if i have. If not contact their friends and families to come talk to them. For the sake of humanity and the love of God.

  3. Even Jesus Christ died in between two robbers and he saved only one but this is three thieves who stole a woman’s right i think letting them to get drown is like sending them to paradise i think they should be handed over to boko haram to be cut off with their unsharpened knife so that they’ll die with pains rubbish!! #SodomandGomorrah

  4. Lol I will stone them join I will just bring three stones name the stones their names ….Bobrisky….Denrele ….and the other One then after stoning them I will bring a big ston name it the Three foolish Men RIP then i will cast them i will make sure Nigeria and #YABA never hear their story again

    Hope am a good citizen people pliz be like me

  5. Yabaleft. …….I totally condemned this your stupid post of hatred upon my beloved gays………how dare you wish them this kind of prayer???

    We #gays cannot accept this hatred on us…..

    Proudly #gays
    I am a gay right activist….
    God bless bobrisky, Darenle, Bisi Alimi
    One love.

  6. Save who??? I will kindly pray that they repent before they drown finish or na hell be that o. Baba God self will vex if I save them cos they will not stop at that, buh draw more people to the devil as they have started. Na die them dey o!

  7. I’ll enjoy watching all 3 of em drown and of cos I’ll definitely put it on my snapchat, my instagram and Facebook… Watching them drown will be so exciting I wonder how bobrisky will look like “oshey baddest”..

  8. Their life style is just like witchcraft sucking nd destroying the hem of our cultural ethics…even d bible says
    .suffer not the witch to live..that kind of havoc will be good riddance to bad rubbish so I will cross my leg and observe while the fun lasts

  9. Is this post really a game or a sort of promotion of gays, unfortunately we hav so many fish head human beings on dis platform dat such post incline d beast or satan in them, there come out n support such useless acts n hv the guts to comment rubbish.if we re not careful n prayerful in dis country this act will start consuming so many people and its just a one way ticket to HELL

  10. I will cry and beg the to say their last prayer before dying even in deep down in the water, I will shout and tell them say JESUS I accept you as my lord and personal savior please, make me come back to life and be your servants or let me die and go to heaven, the choice is theirs.

  11. I don’t even know the rationale of this post to personal development. This online news platform had damage her reputation, giving attention to these maggots and promoting their devilish act.
    If I can turn to a mighty shark, I’ll thank God cos I’ve seen my Xmas meat. I will use bobrisky as my “thank God is Friday” celebration tomorrow, use victor as first day of December party and other idiot as my Xmas eve party.
    At least I enjoy my everyday meal.

  12. Who I will save is not among them that is animal, I prefer to save animal than save these foolish humans, animals are more reasonable I HV never seen a male dog having sex wit a male dog, evn goat,cow,lions they are more reasonable they know is abomination, but humans are d worse stupid creatures a man sleeping wit a man tufiakwa.

  13. What excuse do i hav to save three FOOLS who has already taken the part of death. I wonder why u people should be promoting evil by asking this kind of lame question and showing the faces of these shameless imbeciles as if they are some sort of role models.

  14. I love Nigerians comments ,at least 99 % will call evil evil unlike the so called developed countries that is doing transgender, homosexual, lez,person marrying animal, even homosexuals can now wed in churches and if the pastor or Rev refuses trouble.

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  16. If u notice he’s d only one liking his comment, wat apend to ur crew Wicklow catch dem for hand ni, may our merciful father JESUS CHIRST v mercy on u, Jesus loves u @cyg Nansak Christian, try act ur name christain(like Christ) God bless u

  17. yabaleft this is rubbish, re u guys gay? am begging to believe you guys re promoting gays and i will report this blog to the approprait authority, believe me.. we re monitoring u guys… there’s no day you dont post a thing or anoda about gays, is dis how other blogs do? how is dis rubbish informative or educative? you guys re all gays nd you must be brought to justice…i assure u…

  18. Wen God answer prayers of many,na me wan come spoil d prayers ni.Go pray make God increase d water current to make d drowning faster make i for capture am with my mobile phone.#Drowningthings.instagram,snapchart,we chart,whatsapp,facebook,imo.

  19. I will save the three of them by preaching the word of God to them because rapture is coming soon I don’t want to see them and myself in hell please somebody preach to them bcos they don’t know the course of what they are doing