Increasingly, men are making the effort to groom their facial hairs and we largely have ‘the selfie’ to thank for that, but some netizens feel that the rise of the Beard Gang confirms that the beard is to guys what makeup is to women.

Over the years, men have felt the need to criticise women for not daring to embrace their natural looks. The argument has been that a woman is truly beautiful if she does not have to rely on makeup to enhance her looks, and that guys do not have that luxury.

But, when Drake shaved off his beard just before a recent Saturday Night Life appearance, the ‘world wide web’ went into mourning. He suddenly went from say an 8 to a 5 on a scale of 10 as far as aesthetics go.


We may not all agree with Drake’s decision, but we can definitely agree that in its wake, the conversation on the role of the beard on a man’s face got 3-D real. Inspired by the reactions to Drake’s before beard and after beard looks, we have collated tweets that gauge how people feel.

The guys who are fessing up:


Lol, so what do you think? Beard to men as makeup is to ladies?



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