Popular Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, has made her mark in the Nollywood industry and now taking up the mantle to work for God is another mile stone she sets to achieve fully.

The actress has not left her first love which is acting as she still goes to movie locations but she does not hesitate to even preach while at locations to some of her upcoming actresses and others who are still enjoying dirty lifestyle.

Taking a brief break from movie set, Patience is currently in Ghana base on invitation my a church to come minister the word of the Lord.

The actress was welcomed by journalists and dancers on her arrival and while answering questions and explaining how God arrested her, the actress called out on women who lament of being single mothers and how they are being treated to know that she was a single mother and so it is not a crime because God still love them.

According to her, “I have come to win souls for the Lord my father. Recently he called me and said I needed to take a time out from what I’m doing and face his own. It was like a joke and you know, you can’t do anything when God calls you so I had to answer ‘Here I’m.’ Before you can be somebody who has a voice, you must have gone through a lot so you can always use yourself as an example. So many women call me on phone to say I’m a single mother and I tell them it is not a crime to be a single mother because I was a single mother, when they complain my husband has done this, I tell them I once had a husband like that too.”




– Nigeriafilms


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