Speed Darlington says

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has shared a video of himself doing his laundry at a laundromat in the United States, and bewailed the fact that he’s washing his clothes by himself.

Speaking in the video, the rapper who is also known as Akpi, said assuming he was in Nigeria, he would have gotten someone to wash his clothes for him but he doesn’t have that privilege abroad.

Speed Darlington says

Reminiscing on the privileges he enjoys whenever he is in Nigeria, Darlington said with N17,000, he would have employed the services of a dry cleaner who would wash the clothes, iron them and properly package them before delivering them to him.

Adding that being rich is not advantageous in the United States, but it’s very sweet in Africa, especially Nigeria.

Watch the video below,

A while ago, Speed Darlington lambasted male Instagram comedians who dress like women for their comedy skits.

Sharing a photo which showed popular Instagram comedian Zics Aloma dressed like a woman, the Nigerian music artist cum comedian noted that it’s crazy to see that his colleagues do almost anything for laugh.

He noted that someone offered him a huge amount of money to rock a wedding dress but he blatantly refused.

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