Popular Nigerian internet sensation, Speed Darlington has lambasted male Instagram comedians who dress like women for their comedy skits.

Sharing a photo which showed popular Instagram comedian Zics Aloma dressed like a woman, the Nigerian music artist cum comedian noted that it’s crazy to see that his colleagues do almost anything for laugh.

He noted that someone offered him a huge amount of money to rock a wedding dress but he blatantly refused.

In his words,

“Someone try to pay me 100,000 naira to dress up in a wedding dress I instantly reject. my brothers will do almost anything for laugh this shit is crazy. How scorpion King 👑 next president of Nigeria 🇳🇬 be seen in a dress a wedding dress at that? I don’t need laugh that bad 👎🏿”.

Meanwhile, Nigerian artist, Brenda Uphopho has also berated male comedians who dress like women for their comedy skits as she calls for an end to the act.

Brenda took to her Instagram page to lambaste such comedians as she states that they are exploiting the female gender for their personal gain.

She added that the act of crossdressing in comedy shouldn’t be considered as a form of art because the comedians are misrepresenting women.

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