A 32-year-old South African woman, Zukiswa Joyi, who recently revealed that she is still a virgin, has advised women who engage in sex before marriage.

In a post on her Facebook page, she admonishes women who are of the habit of guising “overnight prayer” visit to their boyfriends just so they can sleep with them. She asks them to resist the devil.

She wrote,

“The Bible Says Resist The Devil. But When it comes to Sexual Immorality It says Flee…..Run Away. But the Wise in their Own Eyes keep Saying I’m just visiting my BF/Fiance for Overnight Prayers, Next Thing She’s Carrying baby Intercessor and The brother is Nowhere to be Found. My Generation We Can’t be Wiser than God. #HonorGod #MarriageB4sex” she wrote.

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