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Self-styled relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has taken to social media to flaunt her new home as she reveals items she bought in the house but doesn’t need.

In a video shared on her page, Blessing gave a mini house-tour and said she installed some things she knows she doesn’t need because she doesn’t want to appear poor.

Firstly, she revealed that she has a balcony even though she knows she doesn’t need it and can count how many times she has sat down on the balcony.

Blessing CEO shows

She also disclosed that she bought a dining table set in her home but rarely uses it because she usually eats in her bedroom or on the floor.

She further showed off a luxury Italian sofa set in her living room and said she prefers a simple furniture design but bought the luxury set to live up to her reputation.

Speaking further, Blessing disclosed that she also installed a two-seater jacuzzi in her home eventhough she doesn’t know how to turn it on or use it. According to her, she has never used it since she moved into her home.

She further added that she has two ante-parlour which she clearly doesn’t need but did anyway. Lastly, the social media personality said she bought a smoke extractor in her kitchen.

Watch the video below,

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