Lady reveals

A lady has taken to Twitter to reveal why she is not an affectionate person and the tweet has since gone viral on the microblogging platform.

The lady with handle @BreeBentleyy said she was raised in a family where her parents never displayed their love or affection towards her.

She said in her 24 years of existence, she can count the number of times her mother has told her she loves her but deep down she knows her mother loves and cares about her.

According to her, she now finds it difficult to show love and warmth to people because she wasn’t raised with love, but survival.

“I really grew up in a family that never hug each other nor say I love you lmaoooo I can count on 1 hand how many times my mom told me I love you in my 24 years of life lmao. Ppl wonder why I’m not affectionate, I was raised off survival not love but Ik my mama love me,” she tweeted.

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Her tweet has elicited massive reactions from netizens and many who could relate with her experience opened up about their own experiences growing up.

@miss_obidient wrote, “I remember very clearly the first time my pops said ‘I love you’ to me, fam I thought he was dying. Hurried to tell my sisters like: I think daddy is sick, this is what he said and they thought I made it up for laughs because why would he say that?”

@_arato wrote, “I relate to this sooooooo much. I once said I love you to my mom over the phone and I felt sooooo awkward 😬”

One @cravealise said, “I definitely agree, and this is why i can’t even express my feelings to a mf i like without it being cringe or awkward ash”

@ari_yanaaa wrote, “I always wondered how to put this into words and someone finally said it lol thank you … cause it’s not that physical touch is not my love language it’s just nobody showed me & I never had it growing up 😮‍💨”

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