Bisi Alimi slams

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has lambasted popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, for his reaction to the suspected homosexuals arrested by the Delta State Police command.

It was earlier reported that over 100 suspected gay men were apprehended at a hotel in Delta State for holding a same-sex wedding.

 Bisi Alimi slams

The suspects were paraded and interrogated before newsmen on Tuesday, August 29, and it was publicized for everyone to watch.

Reacting to the arrest, Bobrisky had taken to his Instagram page to berate the homosexuals for hosting a gay wedding in Nigeria despite knowing it is a crime.

The controversial transvetite also described them as “classless” and said they deserve the treatment meted on them by the police.

 Bisi Alimi slams

He further stated that the couple should have migrated to a country where homosexuality is legal to get married and live freely.

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Bobrisky’s comment apparently infuriated Bisi Alimi, who is married to a gay Caucasian man, and he slammed the crossdresser.

He called him derogatory names and said he has no right to give an opinion on gay-related issues.

Bisi wrote,

“I don’t intend to say anything about the situation in Warri, but I have one thing to say and it is one simple thing, Bobrisky is a fool and an idiot.

I blame the people that make this sorry case of human important. She belongs in the gutter and not one to have opinion about issues.”

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