Aunty Bobrisky Has inspired yet another ‘cross-dresser’ to come out and embrace who he really his.

He took to his instagram to share a picture of himself all made up – Eyelashes, Foundation, Countour, lipstick and all….and captioned it:

“My name is Seun “The Diva”. I am a very good hair stylist and I want to own my own salon in future. This is how I have always been. But the truth is Bobrisky has made people like me bolder to be who we are, no shame. I know now people will talk. Now if people come for me, I’ll give it to them back. I don’t send. Live and let others live”

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  1. Guys so hungry to become girls…..I pray u start seeing mensuration tru ur pipes and experiencing stomach cramps so u know being a woman is no joke at all, u tink say na by bleaching and fixing fowl yansh for ur eyes will make u a woman? Confused bunch

  2. These guys think because they choose who to bed as Gay’s na there life end. By the time dey throw u inside Almighty kirikiri and you find out that the 67 inmates waiting for you are gay and horny for fresh blood then you go know sey there’s a difference between sycology and psychology

  3. Wat baffles me is dey say dey don’t like women but dey go through all this just be like us d truth is you cant be, wat you where not originally meant to be. you are a man you want to be a girl by all means no matter how much you try you will never be God didn’t create you that way so its better u accept dat with all d make up you are still a MAN idiot be deceiving yourself or they are deceiving you sef

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