Unilorin stud

So the idea of this born again UNILORIN student to withdraw from his school is making rounds on Social media – his motion has caused mixed reactions as many wondered why he took such action.

People think what if he had graduated before he found his new faith? Why didn’t he just ask for forgiveness and move on and all?

What do you think? His motive was right or not?

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  1. How on earth could he have done such wen he has jst a year to round up his program in school. I think wat d Bible says is old things has passed away den new things began. To my own understanding, dis attitude is foolishness…

  2. God will still punish him for lying. He should start nursery, primary n secondary schools afresh bcos he lied then…..#over_spitituality_dey_worry_you…. You don’t even know Christ, cos if you do, you would have moved ahead n sin no more……mtchwwww

    • No my heaven is not different, de bible no matter what version it is delivers de same massage, does words were not mine,2cor 5:17,Behold if any man be in Christ he is a New Creature Old Things has Passed away Behold “All” things shall become “New”, I believe de bible has not changed, we read de same bible with different version and different understandings too,so is not your fourth,to my heavens is but a different one##get understanding pls Broda,I will,we all will same day,I pray we will not be found wanting#IJN

  3. The bible teaches of restitution, that’s is why we should endeavor to do the right thing. If he or she got to the university with a cheated result and later repented he or she has to tell the school authority and whatever decision they take he or she will have to abide by it, we Christians believe in heaven and anything we did not settle here on earth may hinder us from going to heaven. Yes the bible teaches restitution, his or her decision looks very stupid and foolish isn’t it? But in the sight of God its wise.

    • No my sister, for a little I know about this Bible it’s not like that. For example, if u marrying two wives before u met Jesus, and if u want to do restitution. The one u first pregnant or the one u first marred is urs, the second one is not urs. U will set her apart from u so she can get married to another person, if she has kids for u, the responsibility of the kids is urs. If she has old before u met Jesus, u will set her apart, take care of her but never have anything call Wat husband and wife use to do together with her again.

    • Yes all those money should be returned to the owner unless he ask you to take it back then your conscience is free. As for all the women you re not keeping them in your custody if you’re keeping them you have to release them, Repent and stay away from immoral life you’re living with them that is restitution too.
      That action of restitution might sound foolish but is Godly and pleasing unto God.

  4. No wonder d bible says: my pple perish Bcos they lacks knowledge it doesn’t matter either u are born again or not wat u don’t kw u don’t kw it, if God can stl spared ur life since ur ignorant Time till now means he has forgiven u ur sins… why must u withdrew..?

    • And to withdraw from sch is d best thing to do or to ask for forgiveness? Pls if u are d one wen u get a gud job that’s paying u upto a million naira try to resign too cos its a sin to also work with that waec certificate ..

    • There is no ignorant in the law Bible say God is not respecter of any man and he show no favourism to anyone. When you re 99% righteous you can’t make heaven, that 1%remaining will take you to hell, all God require from us is 100% righteousness. Do your restitution and sin no more and when you sin unknowingly ask for forgiveness his grace is sufficient unto us and his mercy endureth for ever, amen!.

    • Jokaboi Jokaboi Acon what the brother just did i did it too ,when i gave my life to Christ. I withdraw and start afresh but now I’m happy, proud of my result, setting my conscience free and made peace with my God. The story of Thomas in the Bible show us example, he paid back every everything he took sinfully from people double fold as he was following Christ. That’s why after salvation next is restitution my brother is not easy but it is a decision and it is done by his his grace that is sufficient unto us.

    • Someone wrote waec to you and you said I wrote it are you not a liar. You don’t work for God with Satan’s property he will at your heart everyday requesting for his stolen properties

  5. The lord is a merciful God, he would have ask for genuine forgiveness, the bible say all our past iniquities has been forgiven if truly we forsake them.
    What about a lady that had several abortion and encounter God later in life, how can she undo all the abortion she has done? The bible also say my people perished because they lack knowledge. May God help us, let us all follow the bible not the pastors or church , remember , no church no pastor in heaven

  6. Well, To Me I Dont Tink Its Just Bc He Encountered Christ That Made Him Widraw Frm Schl, He Must Hav Oda Reason’s He’s Nt Spilling Out, Bc He Wont Tel Me Dat A WAEC Was The Only Sin He Has Eva Comited B4 Becomin A Born Again, “That Is If Truely He Is Born Again O” Bc U Cant Predict Human Beings. Let Him Just Tell Us The Truth, WHY IS HE ACTUALLY LEAVING SCHOOL???

  7. Anytime you accept Jesus Christ in your life, u will hate your past so much.and understand that all u dis in d past was to promot Devil and been useful to him without any gain.the brother don’t want to remember his past again that the reason he did so. May the Good lord continue to empower you.

    • Blood is blood the way to restitute it is by presenting the child to God, confess your sin and how you go about the child, stop any sacrifice you’re still doing because of the child and the child will undergo deliverance by his mercy the child will regain his Godly identity. She will not return the child back because is human having life & blood not
      material things like waec.
      Restitution is very important and is a must to fulfill all righteousness in every Christian life. Thomas is the Bible did it and that is and example for all true Christians.

    • Is it better to think of the money(material thing) or to think of what that will cost him?
      Is better to lose that money than to go to hell for eternity.
      His action look and sound so foolish in the eyes of people but is wise & Godly pleased unto God.

  8. Jesus must have forgiven him bt satan always bring your past to convince you that God has not forgiven you and if you are weak in faith you will accede to devil’s thought instead of standing firm to condemn satan moreover he must have committed other sins like fornication stealing etc what will he do with all those ones he need serious counselling.


  10. He need to visit the psychiatric coz this seems to be the beginning of his madness….# Religious fanatic# brain washed fool…….I just pity ur parents.#u tink this is restitution????. Pls mk sure u pay bk ur school Fess and all the money wasted on u to ur sponsors..

    • Take it easy sister when you’re born again with decision to see God you will know and understand his action, it is only those who have had such experience like me will understand what he did. Bible teaches us to do so that’s why we re doing it dear. He will retake his waec and seek for another jamb and he will make it and come out as a graduate like you too and God will be happy with him as he continue in holiness and righteousness refuse going back to the way of the world again.
      By his grace and mercy ,God help me jump protocol the level I’m operating now i have overtaken some of my mates & friends in school that laughed at me then.
      His grace is sufficient unto him that throw away every ill gotten material things for the sake of Christ.
      Some people reject their result completely and some people write to the waec board and they forgive them, that’s restitution for you dear.

  11. i guess he hasnt started reading his bible. if nt, he would av seen this “for by grace u av bn saved through faith and this is nt ur own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast”(ephesians2:8-9). bt no! hs new church wont tell hm dat. they will tell him to dispose any property he acquired through sin. then show him “if the foundation is destroyed, what can the rightous do?”. i knw d church he might av joined! bt i wont name names

  12. There is different between wisdom and understanding. Repentance is from the bottom of ur heart to detest sin and live a holy n life worthy of emulation, from the moment of ur repentance old things will pass away n new life begins, born_again means u r a new creature n u don’t have to back to ur past. What u just did is absolute wasting of ur parents resources n misunderstanding of born_again. Confess ur sins truely from ur heart n u r free from it.

  13. He has not found God, the devil is still using him. The God is a God of love and forgiveness. Confess your sins to God, beg for forgiveness and you shall be forgiven. If you are a good Christian you will not commit such a sin again. Restitution was before the death of Jesus Christ.

    • I don’t think you are hundred percent correct. The fact that our Lord Jesus Christ died for the salvation of our sins many things changed . Do you have to make sacrifice again? Has that not change certain things? Believe what you want. What did you do? Gained employment with fake certificate or what? Please be more explicit.

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  15. Its not dat I don’t believe in been born again. I sincerely do. But dis act of his. Is foolishness … Its just like u bin living wit a girl whom u impregnated and she had a child 4 u. . den u became born again
    What will u do ?. ..drive her away, hell no! .. refuse d child???. Hell No!!!. . been born again starts from wen u realise your sins . then u start living straight. Bcos ur previous sins no longer count.cos. They were done In error.. His act was that of foolishness.

  16. I can see many people in the world to day are guilty of this kind of restitution , may God help you let it not be that same thing you so much will hinder you from entering the kingdom of God . may God help us .

  17. That should not be the reason to withdraw, because the Bible said when you are born again old things have pass away behold all things become new. As you withdraw because of exam malpractice what about the other sins you committed can you reverse it or kill yourself. People should not misunderstand the Bible biko

    • Whatever you stole from your neighbor must be returned to him when you Repent if the material is still not in your custody go to him and pleased with him that you did such things when you don’t know Christ. He will forgive you because the spirit of God will go with you, grace of God will make it easy for you and you will be surprised, i did it too when i repented.

  18. dis is a sign of insanity,u av to undstnd d scripture,if nt..goin astray is inevitable,in my opinion,u ve already bcom a new being after ur confession wich means u re saved already and begin to sprout new leaves,gone ar those ur mistake coz u ar nt in ur old self anymore–Jesus has served as an atonement for his sins already why must he quits his education! wen he is in new era..His sin has been forgotten..nothin again. mtceeew!wen

  19. This guy don’t know what is salvation, when you repent and accept Christ as your personal lord and Saviour your sins re forgiven .for instance you commit formication when you re not born again now you re born again can you be a virgin again no.pls anything wrong you did when you re not born again immediately you confess your sins to the lord it is forgiven.

  20. IF this post is TRUE anyway;
    I now have better understanding part of reasons Nigeria as a Nation is HERE!!
    Religious people!
    Almost everyone thinks in ONE Direction!
    TRUTH and such [email protected] verge of been completely eroded…
    O LORD God,
    Is there any hope for Nigeria?

  21. So suppose I got a child from d native doctor after series of rituals and sacrifices n peradventure I get born again later and i find out dat such act is a sin pls am I now to kill dis child cos of I became born again

  22. What about the sin of stepping on ants,the sins your mother did before birth,knowing all this can make you commit suicide then..why not just accept the forgiveness made available in the blood,trust in the gift of righteousness and reign here on earth…oh please someone should explain better what restitution means….

  23. Hahahaha, go ahead and withdraw yourself from school, why not tell Nigerian that your problem is school fees let’s know how to gather money and help your life than lying using the word “born again” . Buhari is to be blame for this

  24. To Those Here That Have Indulge In Exam Malpratice In An External Exam Or Even In The Campus And Have That Certificate Of Cheat With You, If Fortunately U Are Born Again U Have Need To Return That Certificate To The School U Got It From. And Thats Restitution (All The Things U Have Taken WrongFully From Someone That Are Still With You Must Be Restored Back) So That Your Conscience Will Be Free From Guilt, Because AnyTime U Hold That Certificate Ur Conscience Can Never Be Tender As A Person That Have Known The Truth. And If Our Heart Condemns Us God Is Greater Than Our Hearts. If Our Hearts Tells Us That We Are WrongHow Will God Justify Us As Right?

  25. Weldone oooo born again, go back to ur bible and u see what Jesus said to us there, jesus said behold old thing as pas away, since u have accept Jesus as ur pasional and Savior all sin as been forgiveness and you move forward not that back u put urself

  26. This is madness,his parents has got to admit him into a psychiatric hospital. Oh my God.even Jesus who told us the parable of the prodigal son never told us that he worked so hard to return his father’s money or any form of restittutionmhe only asked for forgiveness and accepted he made a mistake or sinned against his father and he was forgiven his sin and their was merinent. He should have finished first and then maybe refuse to use the certificate,that makes more sense

  27. The man needs to be taken to a mental clinic. While being checked they should confirm who paid his school fees all the way and also what his faith is.

    I think the man is poor in school and this is a means to cover his ass. I think the story is not complete!!!


  28. The Bible says that if our heart condemns us, then God is more than our heart. 1Jn3:20 and 21. The reason why many people blame this guy and why they can never do that is in 1Tim 4:2 which states that their hearts are seared with hot iron. ONLY a real child of God can do this not all the mouth-bearing Christians that are condemning him. ONLY few can make heaven not the majority. The guy has made up his mind to be among the few, education or no education. I bet you, his Life will still be much better, I trust MasterJesus

  29. Dis is as result of d type of msgs dat he is listening to.Is high tim we no God personally n not been led by hu we don’t no.He shud also kil himself for d sins of his first parent since he did not beliv in repentance n 4givenes(4 ‘all’ hv sin…).Dat means he did not bliv in Jesus,purpose of his death n resurrection. Any one hu did not beliv in repentance n 4giveness is not a christian.Hu is his pastor?.All d pple dat repented n folo Jesus were de saints? De followed him,repented,were made righteous n continue der lives in holiness.He shud go n study his bible by himself n ask d holy spirit to teach him.Dat ws a wrong decision.

  30. He can’t tell us he has never peeped at anyone’s answer in primary school or copied anyone’s assignment or homework, so he should go back to primary school lets be sure of how far his stupidity can take him. Rubbish!!!

  31. It’s called true conviction and i guess this is a leading from the HOLYSPIRIT Of GOD…Am sure he was also experiencing guilty conscience after he gave his life to CHRIST,and the solution was for him to restitutevery very good one!GOD bless you brother!#a bold step of Faith indeed u took#

  32. Let him go back to the bible and read it properly for better understanding of it. Or maybe h has his own bible teaching to what repentance means.

  33. If a man be In Christ old things are passed away.. old sins are forgiven.. and also d Bible says dat out of our mothers womb we were conceived in sin.. so d guy dropping out of school cus of waec result is even not ok, he should have gone back into his mother’s womb where his sins started from… some people will go to church always but never for one day sit down on dere own and read dere Bible…

  34. Let’s not cry more than the bereaved. If it’s a crime, it is against non of us but himself. He is NEVER A FOOL who rejects ill gotten stuff for the sake of Christ. He will still come out better if he continues faithfully in Christ. Having a degree before him, doesn’t guarantee ultimate success before him.
    In the last Rio Olympic games, in one of the race competition, one of the athlete who fell along the way, overtaken by others, still rose up ran after his fellow contenders, overtook them all and won the gold. Let’s be wise!

  35. This guy dey find story, go check well. His GPA fit be 0.9. Co’s that reason he dey give na mumu reason. Old things shall pass away and all things shall become new. A righteous man sin 7times everyday.

  36. My sister is not easy heady decision that that brother took a lot of people have done so including me but this can be done easily by the grace of God when you’re genuinely born again. That’s why Bible say it is for a camel to past through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Thomas did it in the Bible and that is our practical example for us Christian. When you come to that realm you will see and understand his reason for his decision.

  37. I don’t know y we black ppl carry religion on our head more dan d white ppl dt gave it to us.ds is no borne again or whatever rather it’s combination of foolish nd lack of knowledge brother.

  38. Don’t use someone certificate and work and claim you wrote it by yourself, you are a notorious rubber. On that day Christ will tell you I don’t know you , you work for your master Satan with his stolen certificate

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