Suspected Yahoo girl punishes

A suspected internet fraudster, identified as Merit, has rebuked one of her apprentices for being absent during work hours and using funds from her ‘business’ to lodge in a hotel in Bayelsa.

A video making rounds online shows Merit confronting the apprentice for disappearing from work. Speaking angrily, she said she clothes and feeds the staff yet he had the effrontery to squander $1,000 on women and his personal pleasure.

Suspected Yahoo girl punishes

According to her, she had been observing his movement for three days and noticed that he lodged in a hotel with different women without bringing in the proceeds from her yahoo business.

She then ordered him to kneel and raise his hands as punishment, emphasizing that she bought him a phone to ‘bomb’ not to womanize. After she threatened to deal with him with a hanger, the young boy vowed not to do it again.

Watch the clip below,

In other news, a young lady has taken to social media to recount how a hairdresser confessed to selling her customers’ hair to rich men for ritual purposes.

The lady shared a video on her Tiktok page, narrating how she made this shocking discovery.

The woman said that while getting her hair done, she overheard bits of a conversation between her hairdresser and a coworker regarding another hairdresser.

According to her, she said that the second hairdresser had suddenly gotten rich, renovating her shop and equipping it with new types of equipment.

She had revealed to her colleague that she was making a lot of money selling her clients’ hair to wealthy men who use it for ritual purposes when she was questioned about the source of her unexpected fortune.

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