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A Nigerian man has been captured in a video trending on social media confronting a Christian woman on her way to church last Sunday.

In the viral clip, the man was heard telling the woman that she has been brainwashed by her religious leaders because the bible “is just a claim and not fact”.

He also argued that ‘God’ was invented by man to control others, and proceeded to disprove events in the bible, stating that they are false.

When the woman asked how he came into the world, the man stated that he was not “created” as claimed in the bible, but was born by his parents who also had parents.

However, when the woman couldn’t stand the conversation anymore, she left and continued on her journey to church but the man still continued bashing Christians.

He stated that poverty is the primary reason why Nigerians are Christians, as they have succeeded in selling the idea that there is a better place than Earth.

According to him, black people should visit European countries, Dubai, Malaysia, and Indonesia, to see how developed they are and they would ditch their religious mentality.

He went on to say that Japan is one of the places where people live the longest, yet they are not Christians.

He added that some pastors deceive Christians into believing God will give them a job and make them rich, whereas the only thing that can make one rich is a profitable idea, product or service.

Speaking further, he said the Government has failed the people in Nigeria so “they push their responsibility to the church”. He, then, urged people to be logical and see through the religious façade.

Watch the video below,

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