Adriano's wife of 24 days

Former Brazilian footballer, Adriano has reportedly separated from his wife, Micaela Mesquita, after only 24 days of marriage.

The couple, who got married last month and shared photos of them signing the wedding papers on Instagram, allegedly parted ways because the Brazil star disappeared for two days to watch the World Cup.

Adriano wife of 24 days

The 40-year-old was said to have travelled to Vila Cruzeiro, a district of Rio de Janeiro, to hang out with his friends and also watch the football match between Brazil and Switzerland on Monday, November 28.

He spent two days in Vila Cruzeiro where he grew up before returning home to his wife.

However, his long absence didn’t go down well with his wife who questioned his whereabouts during that period. The conversation escalated into an argument and they broke up as a result of the altercation.

Adriano wife of 24 days

Mesquita has now deleted all her pictures with Adriano from her Instagram page barely a month after their wedding.

They also cancelled a pre-planned celebration with their family and friends over the weekend due to their shocking split.

Reports have it that the couple have a long history of breaking up and getting back together, and have split up and reconciled five times before.

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