Popular Nigerian comedienne, DatWarriGirl appears to have received her fair share of the breakfast that’s being shared recently.

These days, it’s either one is serving the breakfast or one is at the receiving end of the service, well it really sucks to be the latter cause what follows depends on one’s emotional stability — you may either shed premium tears or move on as fast as possible.

For DatWarriGirl, she’s both shedding premium tears and moving on just as well — the funny skit maker took to her Instagram page recently to share a video which starts with her enjoying a romantic companionship with a gentleman, they wear smiles as they engage in activities together and look so much in love but towards the end of the video, the comedian is seen alone with a heartbroken face and crying sadly.

Her caption gives the hint that she’s been served her share of breakfast… She wrote, It’s that time of the year 😀 but we move 😎

Watch the video,

While a lot of her followers and colleagues believe she’s only made a skit, others are personally relating to how her video is a reality to them.

Here’s how some of her colleagues rected below,

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