In light of the dispute between herself and fellow housemate, Mercy, Tacha has been disqualified from the Big Brother house as she vehemently disobeyed the constitution of the Big Brother house.

This comes after the altercation that occurred between the two housemates earlier today, Friday in the house – videos of the duo have been making rounds on social media as fans and viewers of the show pondered the fates of both housemates following their brawl. (Watch the videos here, if you missed it)

Moments ago, Biggie announced how Tacha had categorically broken a section of the constitution and as such, led to her disqualification from the house while stating that though she sought the full 90 days in the house, she however won’t be making it.

In no time, the Instagram socialite, without acknowledging any of the housemates in the house, is seen leaving in an unapologetic manner.



  1. Tacha no mind people who are hate you, rubbish you. Everything happen by God time! No give up; dead is a end of any planning. Keep your vision alive” be strong, when ever you fall down and there is no people around you – gather your strange and mind to lite yourself up. That is a I have for you because a big thing start from a little beginner.

  2. It was a plan to provoke tacha to that point she cannot bear all the same I love Tacha your disqualification ends my BB voting and watching. BB till next year.


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