Apparently, one may think this is some kind of comedy or prank, but no it isn’t; It is real and it happened at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic in Owo, Ondo state.

On her wedding day, Oluwatunmise Adejube, a student of Department of Accountancy, hurriedly left the Owo local government area, where she swore matrimonial oath, and rushed to the school to write an exam.

The Nation reports that the new wife was accompanied by a group of young ladies, who formed her bridal train. They stormed the school in a convoy of three exotic cars.


No need to describe faces of other students in the examination hall, when a young lady in a sparkling wedding dress sauntered in, walking dazzlingly on the narrow path between the hall benches.

Before invigilators understood what was happening, the tension-soaked atmosphere became relaxed as the sudden appearance of the bride elicited laughter from the stressed students, who prepared to write a difficult paper.

An hour later, Oluwatunmise was on her way from the examination hall to reception, where her husband and guests were waiting for her.

An invigilator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Oluwatumise was allowed to write the paper despite her lateness for the exam. He also praised the girl for her determination not to be carried away by the euphoria of the wedding.

Speaking with reporters after writing the paper, Oluwatumise stressed that her education was as important to her as her marriage.

“When the wedding date was fixed some months ago, nobody knew it would clash with my second semester examination. What appears to be a saving grace for me is that, both the wedding and examination are taking place in the same town. If otherwise, I would have missed the three-unit paper and carry it automatically,” she said.

The groom, Mr Adesina, said that he was shocked and stumped when his bride told him the examination timetable clashed with the wedding.

“I really praised her dogged determination. It was like a tug of war because she had to prepare for her exam and ran around for the wedding at the same time. Now that the confusion is over, I give thanks to God for making it easy for us,” he said.

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  1. Her marriage and exams is her future which is nice but pls ooo i have a question to ask “Before setting the date of her marriage dont she know when she is writting her exam??? For the both to affect her???

  2. Caught in-between two timed very important events. Or you might say ” caught in-between two lovers ” feeling like…..?

  3. Why she nor wait make she write last paper before thinking of marriage if she so much love the exam than her wedding?

  4. I give kudos to her guts not everybody can do that,and d lecturer might be d no nonsense type and she is avoiding extra year so d beat thing is mixing d two together,I appreciate so long she read for it,maGod see her through wish her well.

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