Bulldog’s Wife’s Naked Pictures Leaked

Shatta Wale and his former manager, Bull Dog has given Ghanaians something to talk about for the next few days.

This time, it is about the artiste manager’s wife’s naked pictures which have been leaked.

Mrs Hanson was on Pluzz FM Wednesday morning to tell the world that her private pictures were on a laptop Shatta Wale took from her hubby after their work ended.

According to her, Shatta gave the machine to Bull Dog as a gift but later reported to police that he stole it after their friendship went soar.

Bull Dog’s wife told Sammy Flex, host of the morning show that she has seen some of the pictures around but her fear is that Shatta Wale will put them on social media for them to go viral.

My heart is troubled because of a lot of things going on. My n*ked pictures are out there. About 40 or 80% of Shatta Movement family have my naked pictures.

It’s not on Facebook. Shatta has those pictures. I got to know of it about two weeks ago… Shatta gave Bulldog a laptop one and half years ago. He gave it to him as gift. After they had that encounter in Germany, Bulldog told me that Shatta called the police that Bulldog has stolen his laptop,”

“I remember I had a disagreement with Bulldog some time ago and one day, when he came back from work, I was bathing and he said ‘ey my wife’ and he took shots of me; about three or four times. It was on his phone and I’m sure he put them on the laptop.”

“My fear is, very soon, it will be on social media. I’m very cool with Shatta. He calls me mummy and all that. I have not spoken about his issue with Bulldog… What will make him do this to me? Solve your issue with Bulldog. Not me…”

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