A Nigerian man who is an engineer, has suggested that someone who earns as little as the country’s minimum wage, (N30,000) can start a family and be able to sustain it.

The man took to his page on Twitter to give the story of family he knows where the father of the house earns N17k, his wife earns, N8k while their eldest daughter earns N10k and they are fine.

He says if the family he talked about are able to sustain themselves, then anyone else can, saying what they need to succeed is “prudence”.

He wrote,

You can earn 30k as salary & still start a family. I know this family of 8 where the father is earning 15K, mother earns 7K, the eldest daughter earns 10K & they are all living well. If they can do it, yes you too can! All you need to succeed is prudence!

His tweet has been met with criticism as people question his level of intelligence and some saying he’s only making the statement to chase clout.

Some even made a quick check on his bio and a sentence he gave there “I don’t mean what I say & I don’t say what I mean” is reason, they believe he made the statement.

See some reactions below,

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