A viral video of a beautiful Nigerian lady dancing with a paper that had a bold inscription of her account number during a wedding that was held recently has stirred reactions.

Amid the lingering scarcity of naira notes, the lady who made a statement in her perfectly tailored pink gown that people mistook her for the bride at the wedding devised a way to receive monetary gifts from guests.

In the viral clip, the lady had a wide, rectangular piece of paper with her account number on it on her hand while she danced.

Apparently, people who do not have cash to spray at the wedding due to scarcity were expected to make transfer to her account.

Watch video below,

In related news, a celebrant has gotten people talking online about the ingenious strategy she devised for guests to spray money at her party.

in a bid to keep the longstanding culture of spraying money alive amid the lingering naira scarcity in Nigeria, the host went the extra mile to ensure her guests have money to spray.

She printed customized ‘naira notes’ with her picture on them and sold them to her party guests for a fee.

It was learnt that people who needed cash transferred the money they plan to spray to the celebrant, and received the equivalent customized notes.

A video making rounds online shows the guests happily spraying the money on the performer and celebrant during the event. Watch here.

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