A caterer was allegedly attacked by the groom’s brother while going about his work at a wedding over the weekend, in Lagos state.

According to a Twitter user, Sanni Anuoluwapo who claimed to be the victim’s sister, the young man was the caterer in charge of small chops at the wedding, and the groom’s younger brother allegedly attacked him because he told him to sit before he’ll be served.

Sharing photos of a severely injured head, Anu revealed that the attack left her brother with deep cuts on his scalp and the wounds had to be stitched.

She said the case was reported to the police but they were asked to let go of the case as it involved an influential family.

In a lengthy tweet crying for justice, Anu wrote,

“My younger brother was brutally injured at his work place by some Rich folks ,all what the police could say is its the case of the rich that we should drop it,pls we need justice!

It’s not a sympathy line please ! That was exactly what the police officer said! And I wish to give full details of what and how it happened, but Twitter space for typing is limited !

He works with an even planner, he is the one in charge of small chops, those guys are the younger brother of the groom, they attacked him because he was trying to tell them to go sit in the party hall that he will send someone to serve them. It’s a long story, I can only summerize”.

Read her full tweet below,

See graphic photos below,



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