The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has warned Nigerians to be careful of any deposit money institution that is not insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) especially the trending MMM Nigeria community.

The bank through its the acting Director of Corporate Communications, Mr. Isaac Okoroafor, made this known yesterday against the proliferation of wonder banks in the country in recent times.

Okoroafor said such deposit money institutions were dubious present Ponzi schemes.

“At times like this when the economy has suffered some decline, Nigerians should be very careful with those they deal with. Any institution that is not licensed by the CBN to accept deposits should not be given money to keep under any guise,” he advised.

He warned Nigerians to beware of the so-called wonder banks, explaining that they were makeshift institutions to dupe people.

“We can vouch for the banking system. The deposit money banks are the only licensed institutions to take deposits. If you need to deposit money in any form, go to any of the deposit money banks and put your money, you can buy fixed income instruments or invest in stocks,” he said.

Okoroafor said the CBN could not guarantee the unregistered institutions, insisting that when depositors lose money to them, the bank would not be able to help them.

“These people always come with very interesting propositions. These are fraudsters who are just out there to collect people’s money and run away as soon as they hit their target. There is no insurance because the NDIC does not even protect them against such risks when they occur,” the CBN said.

He said the CBN was intensifying efforts and liaising with the various security agencies to identify the promoters of these schemes and have such persons arrested and prosecuted, adding that anyone caught with them would also be made to face the law.

Promoters of wonder banks and other pyramid schemes in the country are currently taking advantage of the rising level of unemployment as well as the shrinking disposable income to attract unsuspecting prey.

From Lagos to Port Harcourt and some other big cities in the country, owners of these illegal businesses have been offering Nigerians mouth-watering interest rates, which cannot be found in the banking system, in a bid to attract large number of customers before they run away with huge cash.

For instance, at the Ojuelegba area of Lagos, THISDAY was recently given a small handbill advertising investment schemes that offers 30 per cent returns in 30 days.

Also, there is a new Ponzi scheme called ‘MMM’ that is spreading like wildfire. A lot of young school leavers have already signed on to this scheme, which the promoters are marketing as a “mutual fund.”

“MMM offers its participants 30 per cent growth rate per month for each and every donation they make into the system… MMM belongs to the community, its sustainability depends on the activities of the people that make up the MMM Nigeria community, that is me and you and other MMM Nigeria participants,” the promoters wrote in an online advertisement.

Typically, what promoters of such pyramid scheme do is that they offer rates far beyond what is obtainable in commercial banks. This would always attract a lot of people who would always rush in to stake their funds. But, those who join the scheme late would always be the ones to lose their shirts as they would have been convinced by those that joined earlier to invest huge amounts of money.

But experts have warned against falling for the bait of illegal deposit-taking institutions which are not licensed by the CBN, saying that their only intention is to defraud members of the public.

Recall that with the Nigerian economy is in recession, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recently revealed that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by 2.06 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, compared to the negative growth of 0.36 per cent recorded in the first quarter of 2016.

Also, national unemployment rate also rose to 13.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, from 12.1 in the first quarter of 2016.

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  1. I don’t do MMM, but please anyone who feels it works for them should ride on. How many times have our politicians, CBN and Nigeria as a whole failed us? Then u stand there with a straight face to judge MMM. Bastards…

  2. if u hv not been duped in d past.You wil neva value dis CBN advice.Until MMM gets registered atleast with CBN,NDIC,CAC.i wil never invest cos they r not regulated ….Novices who dnt knw wot to look for before investing wil surely fall a victim.

  3. Wow, CBN is on it again, since when did d start caring after d financial well being of d Nigerian citizen. My dear cbn can call it any name what am sure of is that mmm is changing lives & will continue to change lives & even d world as a whole. Is time we stop d unjust financial treatment of d government. Biko cbn allow mmm to be. My live has changed ever since i became a participant. Am becoming financial independent, am drastically upgrading & i have no regrets joining mmm. Am proud i took d bold step & i now have a different view. & sorry cbn mmm has improved my living standard. #wearechangingtheworld#.

  4. Mmm is real and it pays have been with mmm since December last year and I have been paid and paid and paid by mmm. We have government officials as our members and they want to deceive the poor masses. If you like listen to their jargons I advise you join my world. Mmm rocks and will forever live long

  5. Imagine CBN who d even help, d give me 33percent interest per annum on my money but in mmm i get 30percent interest in just 30days now who is deceiving who. Who should i follow CBN or MMM. Sorry to disappoint u guys(cbn) i have made d right choice, MMM & no going back no regrets what so ever. U shouldn’t continue to fool us pls. Because every 30days mmm keep smiles on my face, & my account as well smile. My advice to cbn just stand by & allow me make small cash so that u can take ur own share for banking in Nigerian Bank. Biko free us. Am a happy mmm participant.

  6. Mmm is the best thing that has happened to Nigerians since the death of Abacha. can’t wait to collect my 5th payment on the 18th.
    30% of any amount pledged, this is just too good.
    Mary Akunna Odo-Asogwa thank you for introducing me to MMM.

  7. MMM IS REAL but my question is will it continue to be real? Were can we find them in case smt happen do they have any office in nigeria? Because since is not a registered company and CBN warn you about it believe me if smt happens you can never lodge the case in any Nigerian court as long as its MMM ask your lawyer I have been paid but I stop it and ask my self were do they get the money they pay me from that 30% pls I don’t eat money I don’t work for believe me every smoke has fire soon we shall know…… A word is enough for a wise

  8. Nigeria is a scam,CBN shouldn’t worry themselves,No risk No gain.since Buhari have scammed us with his campaign promises,we have decided to take any risk to survive………………..CBN I said Rienu nsi

  9. Federal government is trying to make mmm more popular than ever before.they want you to join so that they can raise more money frm us . Now let me tell u mmm participant have contributed fully in the economic growth of the country, we have also we have enriched the bank by steady online transfer which they deduct 105naira in each transaction.mmm have also enlighten and educated every participant on how to use and operate computer it has gone a long way by putting smiles on thousands of Nigerians life. Mmm has also contributed in the business sectors by enabling their members to have the money to buy whatever they wish to buy at any given time. We have also put smiles in the life of the less privileged by visiting and given hope to them every time. Mmm is the only way

  10. CBN, make una live MMM with una bad belle oo, I just receive an alert yesterday with a huge amount of money which no work or Business can pay me, MMM is real and it is around Us, MMM has come to eradicate poverty, so if CBN don’t like it, they should go to HELL

  11. These guys are crooks o. Even banks cannot guarantee you of 10% of ur fixed amount, not to talk of a whooping 30%. And since the CBN has issued warning signs, meaning that they’ve gotten a tip off, that these dudes want to bounce. If you were not aware of “All states banks saga” that year, you go and invest and keep investing until your eye go clear.

  12. I have a friend who is a banker that is a member of Mmm, he just registered his boss under him last week, so CBN stop decieving us. Your own scam is worst u give me interest of 48# and debit me 90# for sms cost. While Mmm gives me 30% of my money who is now the thief.

  13. Government and SEC deprived you of diving into the wealth
    from bitcoin, is that fair?
    Banks will be like, your money is safe with us, and my
    question is, is our money really safe? They use our money
    (because without u and I, nothing like bank) to give loans to
    companies and make huge interest, if they are giving me 5%
    monthly, i won’t be shouting instead they charge me for
    using my money for business. Billing you unnecessary
    charges and the worse part of it is that you can’t talk, even if
    you do, who will hear you? Bank will send you a credit alert
    or interest alert of #0.50k and charge #4 for the sms. And
    you said that one is not a legalized scam (you are wicked).
    Politicians will be like vote for us, when you vote for us, we
    will do this do that. Your vote counts. Liars, the worst scams
    ever seen are the politicians, deceivers. The less privilege
    are the ones languishing in poverty but you are there living
    in luxuries, you denied us from going to the best schools
    because of the high fees but your children are in the best
    school outside the country. And you think you are not a
    scam? You are deceiving yourself.
    School will be like read your book and make sure you pass
    very well so that you can get a good job, where is the job?
    6Years in primary, 6yrs secondary school that is if you didn’t
    repeat any class then 4 yrs in tertiary institution as the case
    may be plus another 1yr of youth service and after all these
    years no job to be found and you said that is not a scam?
    You subscribe to DSTV, after you might have paid your NEPA
    bill of which you only get light in the middle of the night
    around 1am -5am, tell me who want to use the light? And
    DSTV management could not even pause the operation for
    you since you are not using the service, that is non of their
    business and at the end of the month, NEPA will still come
    with an estimated bill of which you can’t shout, if you do,
    they will cut your wire and assume you did nothing to it for a
    month, you still pay for that month despite you didn’t use
    light and when you want to reconnect, you will pay
    reconnection fee. is that not a scam?
    If I should continue disclosing all their scams, facebook
    won’t be enough to accommodate it.
    We have been in this slavery long enough, we can’t take it
    any more. It is obvious they do not want the average man to
    live the better life that we suppose to.
    MMM has come to stay and not SEC nor Government can
    stop it
    They said MMM is a scam, yes we know
    is a ponzi scheme, yes we are aware of that
    is a fraud, yeeeessss we know about that also
    Ah, the founder is a thief, yes we read about that, we even
    read that he was jailed, and so what?
    MMM is too risky (Abeg shut up that dirty mouth)
    I’ve been taking risk since i was born, living in Nigeria (where
    there is no security, if its not boko haram today, it will be
    fulani herdsmen or some avengers and their kinsmen
    kidnappers etc) is the greatest risk one can take and if i have
    been living in it for more than 40yrs with the risk attached, i
    tell you the truth, i can overcome any risk.
    We are “risk takers”
    We are “scammers”
    We are “ponzians”
    We are Mavrodian
    We are MMM

  14. The CBN is headed by idiots who don’t know how to do their jobs, how can they allow unregistered fraudulent financial institutions to operate freely and rather choose to warn the public not to patronize them. Why not invade their various premises with the EFCC and Police before they succeed in their evil mission.

  15. ~They said it’s RISKY!

    What on earth is not RISKY????

    *Getting married is RISKY
    *Staying unmarried is RISKY
    *Having children is RISKY
    *Getting a job is RISKY
    *Keeping the job is RISKY
    *Getting out of the job is RISKY
    *Starting a business is RISKY
    *Investing ur money is RISKY
    *Trying new things is RISKY
    *Not trying new things is RISKY
    *Getting rich is RISKY
    *Staying poor is RISKY
    *Meeting new people is RISKY
    *Leaving alone is RISKY
    * Utilizing Opportunity is a Risky
    * Rejecting Opportunity because of doubt is RISKY
    *Everything is RISKY

    If you think investing is too risky, then wait until you are handed the bill for not investing.

    Life is full of risk, no one even get out ALIVE.

    If you try to avoid the risk, you gonna live a very small life. U must learn to manage the risk.

    No one in particular was destined for success, everyone is invited to succeed.

    SUCCESS is like an OCEAN, unlimited in supply.
    But the problem is some of us approach the ocean with a TEASPOON.

    The pessimist sees the hole in the donut, but the optimist sees the dough.

    The pessimist sees the glass as half empty, but to the optimist, it’s only half full.

    Take the RISK , You will win the RACE

    So it all depends on how you think/look at it.

    *”Success is achievable the very time an amazing opportunity meets a back breaking Action”


    MMM Nigeria has come to stay nothing can stop us.

  16. This our useless governments just want to kill us patapata….MMM is real,have provided help more that 6times which i got back.No salary nothing,the little thing or way that people are earning a living una wan come spoil am again.God will judge you all yeye leaders.I can remember some years back, wealth solution is this same useless central bank that sat on their money in the banks.People should just be careful any amount you are providing help with should be something you can let go even(that won’t give you headache)if MMM fold up abeg.God will help us all o.

  17. Pls CBN go rest ” change” the recession. I feel if any government in Nigeria tries to stop MMM that will b the beginning of revolution; cos MMM ain’t SCAM instead the 65 naira deduction made from ATM after three withdrawal from other banks is the REAL SCAM. Long live MMM.

  18. MMM is not an ivestment house, it is not a clearing house neither is it a deposit firm. It is simply a mutual fund community aimed at eradicating poverty by offering help to those who need help. The reward for offering help is the 30% you are preaching against. Tell me which banks organize charity activities to help the needy in the society? Nigeria is in a recession. CBN should please laise with necessary authorities to redeem our dear economy and not witchhunting the system that has proven itself to be true. No complain whatsoever has been entertained from its participants. So what is warning all about? Sustainability? ask South Africans how long MMM has been in that country and you will know better.

  19. . I heard SEC chairman today on channels tv tries to spew propaganda about MMM

    SEC campaign failed from d very start…
    MMM is risky, I know…
    MMM is Ponzi, I heard …
    MMM is a scam, I heard…

    Mavrodi is a ‘criminal’, no he was falsely arrested…

    -But do you know that all investments are risky?

    -Do you know that the global financial system is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all times?

    -Do you know that going to school, working your entire life and hoping on an unpaid pension is a devilish scam?

    -Do you know that the US Federal Reserve, our ‘master’ use every other person as a ‘slave’ with dollars as ‘shackles’, are the worst criminals?

    He can keep his propaganda to himself. Am getting paid everymonth on MMM, and so is every Mavrodian Long live MMM. Inbox me to find me out more about MMM and how to grow your money by 30% every 30 days

  20. Please guys follow your heart life itself it a risk.
    Here is another source of great income where we trade gold on live it’s a massive income
    Www. goggle it please. To no more about it please what’s up me +447448006861

  21. I just dey laugh naija, Cbn, SEC etc. Why?
    Bcos mmm doesn’t have a central acc u may want to freeze, and that’s why U Deceivers(cbn, sec, etc) will not succeed! am a happy participant ooo!!

    • CBN is simply angry because they(MMM) don’t have a physical account in Nigeria they can collect charges from or freeze the account when the want to! They don’t really care for the masses if they do, they won’t be charging N65 on transaction ….fraudulent charges!!!

  22. CBN my foot, even if you like call it magic it’s my own risk to take, afterall living my hard earned in so called banks is waste, all they do is to use it and be doing business on their own without any interest to me, rather they keep on reducting the money sending us all sorts of rubbish stories….. And it’s either monthly maintenance, sms charge or Bvn charge. Stupid country, where Interest and well-being of the poor masses is last on government agenda. MMM you, please keep putting smiles on the faces of people

  23. MMM is rescuing lives dat has been abandon by d govt and dey r here blabbing nonsense. DEY should beta focus on fixing our currency strength rather Dan poke nosing into someone else success. Long live MMM. Where was the govt when graduate needed jobs and funding for biz proposals. Mtchew rubbish.!! We are wiser now

  24. Abeg who be the theif and who be the catcher ? CBN that debit us every month for ATM maintenance of MMM that gives 30% after 30days of providing help, CBN we weren’t complaining, if you arrest any MMM member then you want to expose your incompetent to the world…. @egocentric set of ppl FG

  25. Government says “participate in MMM at you own risk”

    – NEWS

    This is laughable!

    In Nigeria, I sleep at my own risk, I wake up at my own risk, I go out at my own risk, I come in at my own risk. I even put my money in the bank at my own risk. I do everything at my own risk.

    So there’s nothing special about doing MMM at my own risk.

    Is there?

  26. Now they suddenly realize they have to protect the citizenry. They are the one people need to be protected from. Where was CBN, NDIC when banks were folding up with people’s investment disappearing? MMM has come to put smile in peoples life. let the people start crying before you can declare MMM a scam. Indiscriminate charges in the banks is not a SCAM? Judge yourself first.

  27. MMM is the best thing that ever happened to the Nigerian economy.. the rich are against it because it is creating more of their type…MMM Nigeria is here to stay..#MMM is not fraud # MMM is here to stay # MMM together we change the world!

  28. Nigerians r d one setting them selves backward… MMM has been helpful even d poor yet they complain just tell me u like to watch us suffer then I’ll understand not this bullshit u guys rant

  29. May almighty God punished the so call committee that sat down in agreement to publish sheet against MMM that has helping the common Nigerians. They should cover their eyes in shame because they could put end to poverty and recession in the Country only for them to be looking for ways to deceived Nigerians because of their enslavery way of live pretending to be employers of labour. Eyes don Open.

  30. Hahahahahahahahaha. You people are just so funny. Who will ever have MMM and still look for Federal Government work? Abeg mek una go rest, MMM is God sent in this time of financial crisis. Things are not getting better but MMM participants are the only set of Nigerians not complaining. We are not economising over here but leaving large.
    Media please do you have any other storry? Let’s hear better things abeg!!

  31. Is MMM really a scam?
    Is it a scam to have a system that brings a community of people together that financially help one another, willfully, without being forced?
    Is it a scam to have a system that creates a platform for individuals to combat poverty at its core?
    We always say fighting poverty is a collective effort; Now instead of people stealing, cheating or robbing they join their hands in good heart to provide financially help to one another, is that scamming really?
    Is it a scam to see families that couldn’t afford to bring food on the table now able because of the financial help they have received from other nembers?
    Is it a scam to see students who couldn’t afford to have pocket money and monthly allowances in tertiary institutions now able to afford because of MMM?
    Is it a scam to see entrepreneurs rising from the capital money raised through MMM and in return they contribute to the economic growth of this country and create employment to thousands?
    I will tell you what a scam is?
    A real scam is to hinder people to their financial freedom yet encourage them to keep borrowing from your system so that they work for you and pay the rest of their lives if they live that long…
    A real scam is to have someone work 40 years of his/her life and after retirement that person must take the fruit of his/her years of hard labour and pay the debts and bonds that refused to end because of ever increasing interest rates.
    A scam is when your bank sends you an sms alert to inform you that you have earned #0. 50 on your money, and later charge you #4. 00 on the sms alert. Your bank also charges you exorbitantly every month on something you know nothing about ; and there’s nothing you can do other than to keep quiet because you have no choice.
    A scam is when your mobile network provider charges you on the service you never make a request for (caller tunes, news updates, etc)
    Working for a government and being paid the same salary as when 1 Dollar was N165 till now is a scam.
    Working for government for years without promotion is a scam.
    Working for so long and just getting a sack letter or retiring broke and in debt is a scam.
    Serving your country for one year and crying to get a job is a scam.
    Not being paid salaries for 5 months or more is a SCAM.
    Not being able to transfer your job to your children is a SCAM.
    Spending 6 years in Primary school, 6 years in Secondary School, 4, 5, 6 years in Higher Institution, 1 year Internship (for some) 1year of NYSC and at the end you still roam about looking for non-existing job is the REAL Scam.
    Meanwhile someone somewhere is enjoying financial freedom, making millions, driving brand new cars etc all in joining MMM without submitting CV, NYSC discharge Certificate etc….and people still say it’s a scam?
    Is it therefore a scam to have a system that produces people that can afford to buy a house they could have paid for 20 years in cash had such a system not been introduced?

  32. Gat nothing to say to CBN… Nigeria economy is crazy….. N for nw mmm is helping lots of pple financially
    I’m a bonafide member and i can’t deny the fact that mmm is really helping me n my FAM
    Any weapon form against mmm will neva prosper by God’s grace…….useless CBN Una no even get shame common sense is not common tho
    Team MMM 4 lyf

  33. When a whole lot of pyramid business are everywhere……each claiming they are not pyramid business……lmao
    It can only boom in nigeria nah….
    You don’t stress yasef, but you eat plenty money…..just convince people……God v mercy
    Well if it works for you…..why not – if not…..go ahead and make your money…..
    I ll soon join sef lmao!!!

  34. I am a living testimony of the wonders of MMM it pays like magic…….. To hell with the money cabals of Nigeria that calls themselves Banks and government…
    If you wish to enjoy with me in the wold of MMM just inbox me and I will put you through..

  35. I am a living testimony of the wonders of MMM it pays like magic…….. To hell with the money cabals of Nigeria that calls themselves Banks and government…
    If you wish to enjoy with me in the wold of MMM just inbox me and I will put you through..

  36. I am a living testimony of the wonders of MMM it pays like magic…….. To hell with the money cabals of Nigeria that calls themselves Banks and government…
    If you wish to enjoy with me in the wold of MMM just inbox me and I will put you through..

  37. MMM is not an ivestment house, it is not a clearing house neither is it a deposit firm. It is simply a mutual fund community aimed at eradicating poverty by offering help to those who need help. The reward for offering help is the 30% you are preaching against. Tell me which banks organize charity activities to help the needy in the society? Nigeria is in a recession. CBN should please laise with necessary authorities to redeem our dear economy and not witchhunting the system that has proven itself to be true. No complain whatsoever has been entertained from its participants. So what is warning all about? Sustainability? ask South Africans how long MMM has been in that country and you will know better.
    Inbox me if you want me to put you through

  38. Before you venture into any monetary transaction or investment it is wise you do a background check of it first. MMM is a company that has wrecked people’s lives in countries like Russia and South Africa…people put in money and once the money stops coming in they fold up leaving you wrecked.or ask yourself ‘why did they choose to come now to Nigerian when the economy is bad?this is becos pple are vulnerable… BE WISE!!!

    • My dear when last did you update your Russia and South Africa story abi na there you they leave? Go and check, the president of south Africa himself Don dey do mmm. Sit down there make pant dey wear you.

  39. CBN needs orientation, they should stop this witch-hunting, MMM is better than their fraudulent activity of N65 charge on transactions, they tell us MMM is a risk! Voting for Buhari is risk, depositing money in the bank is a risk, leaving our home to work or business place is a risk, living in Nigeria is a risk, Nigerians are already used to risk, they should stop acting like they care cos MMM is overwhelming them!!! The federal government has no plan for the masses, if MMM has come to redeem Nigerians from recession, they should let them be!
    If you are there listening to CBN, you are on a long thing…
    Please click this link to register for MMM jare….
    You can message me if you need any clarification


  41. Every social media platform people are just raining curse on CBN, my own advise to CBN they should accept MMM as financial institution where u invest and get 30%. Our Banks will sit tight infact economy will change.

  42. I am a banker. You can check my profile if you like. A control officer for that. Please Mr writer, mmm does not collect or keep any deposit from the public. All they do is to connect participants to one another. So the issue of obtaining permission from CBN before operation doesn’t arise bcos they don’t keep anyone’s money. The government should go to hell. They have failed us already

  43. mmm is very very real, i invest 55, 000k nd i get 95,000k for just a month which bank in Nigeria will give u dat interest in a month, my friends is a rick not to take a rick ok, thanks to mmm nd all the participants

  44. Who CBN and SEC epp, beefing at its highest order, anyways lemme sip something as my money grows, CBN una fit bring una money and have a taste of what mmm is like…. Hehehehehe no alert charges, no commission deduction or even bank charges. It’s a community dat stands to help Nigerians from the mess u pple have put us into… Pls no beefing

  45. I remembered 2007 when real and cool or penny wise started ,I invested 250k and after 10 weeks I was paid paid with 846k which makes my head swell and cbn warned but not minding the advice and eventually invested everything I got and got fired back.Hmmm that is the worst story for the gods .Some will enjoy while some will cry .

    • Eyah, sorry about that my dear, u invested in wonder banks, MMM is not a wonder bank cos there is no central account we are paying to but rather we pay to ourselves, its for real, I regret not knowing of it earlier than I did but I bless God all d way

  46. Guy open ur eye am telling you mmm is not for real i speak the same language you guyz are speaking now untill they disapear with so many stories my 1m is inside..ask people in south africa they will tell you …they will first start normal and be paying once they see they got enough money on they system u cant withdraw again they will tell you they account is frozen for a while it will never defroze again

  47. Engr double….I see you never ever did anything with MMM, MMM never collects PPLES money, u pay money to peoples Acct, you were never abreast about MMM,
    I must tell u if u open your account right now ur money is still intact, it’s people like u who don’t go for seminar to understand the system n any little hiccup, u shout it a SCAM. Please if u r not ok leave it n sleep in ur House n work all ur life for government

  48. LWKMD!! For the first time in my record, Nigerians unite and fight against our so called government that doesn’t want it’s citizens to be financially free but under their wicked control. No much talk anymore, it is crystal clear frm d comment dat Nigerians have refused to be brainwashed. Long live Sergio Mavrodi! Long live MMM!!! Long live MMM participants worldwide!!! Let’s keep enjoying our 30% increase, 10% referal bonus and other sure bonuses.

  49. Abeg CBN make una go learn work or pick ball, or better still go play ludo if una no get any better tin to talk. To u Mr CBN governor, come follow me do Mmm, together we will change dis nation and say NO to financial captivity.

  50. Before CBN is PDP now, I can barely say that APC is CBN. I just wonder why only them wants to benefits in everything. Na here everything dey end o expect una kill Devil and inherits hellfire. MMM you don come so carry go as you dey help already!

  51. Nigeria government encourages their citizens to play pool,Gambling, casino, lottery and even betting. Why?
    There knew it will lead to more poverty since the government benefited by way of collecting taxes from the operators of this so called registered companies own by them and their cronies.

    How much are the elites stealing now? Billions of naira & dollars of citizens taxes.

    Go to pool & betting shops or stands all over Nigeria, the majority queuing to playing and throwing away their hard earned monies are strugglers and the poor.

    MMM has opened my eyes to financial secrecy.

    MMM is an ideology and movement that can not be wished away or imprisoned by any agency or government of any nations.
    1989 till date the ideology & movement. is alive.
    Shine your eyes my friends.

    I am angry that the hard working citizens of all nations are the poor and strugglers including NIGERIANS.

    You may not like my post, but Hard Truth must be told.
    Bank went distressed, stock exchange crashed. No refund, but owners are now governors, senate President & ministers. Who and who is fooling who?

    World financial system is built on secrecy.
    MMM has given you and I the secrets

    Together we change the world of financial system to the benefits of the majority by the grace of God… If u want to join inbox me let m lecture you the ideology… Winks to CBN…..

  52. d best and d safest time to do business with MMM is to invest big in dem at early stages they came out.If you do it then,u take ur profits and tear race.Doing it at dis late hours is a risk.Cos MMM operates wit d modalities of ponzi.Dey dont gv loans to big companies,d way banks do inorder to get interest nd reward its investors.Rather they wait until wen another investor joins,dey wil use d new investor’s deposit to settle d old investors.What if it reaches a stage where no 1 is coming to invest for me to reap my profits??