This story proves that we all find love in strange places as a Nigerian couple who started their romance on social media with private messages are set to tie the knot finally.

Love most times happen at locations we never believe in. Ladies shouldn’t hold back in listening to that random man no matter his unpleasant initial appearance as everybody deserves a fair chance of trial in life.


This encapsulates the story of Cashmyles Mayowa Ajifowobaje and Susan ElioraSignature Israel who started interacting on Facebook through inbox message with the beautiful Susan showing reluctance in responding to his messages as Cashmyles was based abroad while she was in Nigeria.


One thing led to another and a goal-getting Cashmyles started gathering momentum until he finally won her heart and put a ring on that finger.

Read a brief summary of their journey as narrated by Susan on her Facebook page below:


“It all started with “HEY” 2years ago on facebook and you know how some girls(me) are, we would reply yearsss later. well I replied like 12 days later and he said “I know your sis” in my mind I said “see this one famzing” cut long story short, I kept replying days after he sends a message. especially when I knew we were like over 6000miles apart until we clicked…we all know how it goes from there…. we kept in touch and fell inlove along the way. Saw him for the first time last year and upon our second meeting this year I said YES. to my best friend( the only best friend I have actually), my brother, my lover for life and my KNIGHT @cashmyles. so yeahhh I cut the long story short sha. I’m ENGAGED WHOOP! WHOOP!”




  1. I have worked through someone I met online,we never met he sent money to my account to get something’s and register the name of their company,a lot of money not change,I did that perfectly no love but he just tried me,and I had to travel to show them how to put everything in order,I got my money paid,so sister pray that you get mercy of God always don’t loose hope.

    • There are so many easiest ways u can know the fake and the real people on facebook, just do some background checking on him on her. I remember b4 I got married, there was a guy I met, it was not even on social media. The guy told me he’s single and really ready to marry me, maybe bcos of the nature of my job or just my nature, I don’t just go into something without doing proper investigation. I stylishly asked for his full name then go on Facebook to search for him, I got him but nothing like marriage on him profile. I checked through all his pictures and what people comment and who comment, doing that I saw someone I guessed is his brother, so I went through his profile too. It was there I saw a wedding picture post of the guy that have been disturbing me and claimed he want to marry me, I went through the comment till I got to d wife comment and I checked her profile, was really surprised that the guy just got married about 3months to that period. I didn’t add that guy at all, but I added his wife and commented on one of their wedding pics, immediately the guy saw it, he sent msg to me and started explaining what I didn’t ask him. I have many of them like that I was able to find out truth about.
      The essence of my story is that, try and do some background check b4 u give anybody audience on social media, don’t just listen to sweet words and be carried away.

  2. Face book is real,is jst dat fake pple are much and one has to be veri careful. Facebk is a blessing to me dat I must say!i have met some pple on facebk both(national and international)dat has contributed to my life greatly and dey are part of my success story today.but am yet to meet my hubby online.lol.congratulations to d newly engaged.

  3. Yes is possible by destiny,but when u try to do it bcos it favours others,remember!!!! As water don kill plenty piple for life,na so same water dey save more than plenty piple every day

  4. Yes ooh I met my on Facebook too..we are happily married for 6yrs nw and blessed with a son…while d oda on di way…his people said no…
    But he said yes and God perfectly positioned us…we live like good blood brother and sister.i tank God

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