Cee-C insulted Tobi

An unexpected Drama ensued in the Big Brother Naija house earlier today when CeeC in her Tantrum, tongue lashed the hell out of her fellow housemate Tobi which led to many condemning her action on social media.

The cause of the whole issue has now been revealed.

In a bid to carry out the task, former head of house, CeeC shared the housemates into groups but Tobi refused to be in her group.

He told her that he doesn’t want to be in her group, that he doesn’t like her and that she should move on and let them be friends and that got Ceec mad.

But Interestingly Tobi acknowledged the fact that he triggered Cee-C as he got to discuss the drama with Nina.

Meanwhile, Fans of CeeC took out their time to lambaste Actress Stephanie Coker earlier today wehn she criticized Cee’s behaviour in the house.

Stephanie Coker wrote;

This is how daft we would all look in a shouting match with a sane person. Lord save me from this kind of anger/stupidity

One angry Fan replied;

What you have is it really to be called marriage? Husband snatcher oshi, mind your business, face your situation ship. Stupid ex-convict go f*** your hubby in kirikiri to get pregnant.


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