Cee-C and Lolu have been given 2 strikes each for breaking one of the rules of the Big Brother Game.

Recall Lolu and Cee-C were “re-paired” together, and as thus asked to bond… They didn’t bond of course, which led to a serious disagreement between the two pair, and an injury sustained by Lolu. [Read here]

This evening, after their presentation, Big Brother addressed the altercation that happened between Cee-C and Lolu, and he awarded them 2 strikes each.. one more infringement of Big Brother rules, sees any of them disqualified from the game.

Big Brother also revealed that their initial partners, Tobi and Anto are spared from the “strikes”, adding that if peradventure they both (Cee-C or Lolu) survive eviction this week, they’d both be “strategically paired”, and they’d have to come up with a new pair name.

Biggie also informed the housemates that if one of the pairs (Tobi/Cee-C or Lolu/Anto) gets evicted this Sunday, then Cee-C will return to Tobi.. or Lolu returns to Anto.. But as of now, Cee-C and Lolu are both stuck together.

The housemates also won their wager tonight, and as thus, big brother promised to reward them tomorrow.. But for Cee-C and Lolu, their rewards will be different, possibly some punishment.

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