Celebrities lose

Twitter announced it will start purging millions of accounts today as it specified that it would be removing locked accounts from follower accounts across profiles globally, which would lead to a drop in follower counts.

The accounts which will suffer as a result of the move by the micro-blogging platform are accounts that the company ‘detected sudden changes in their behaviour’.

Also, accounts which are not validated will face the risk of getting purged.

Twitter stated that users are going to notice a reduce in followers i.e about 4, but those with lots of followers will experience a huge reduction.

The change is already happening and people have started noticing the drop in the number of their followers.

Starting with the more popular accounts on Twitter, Katy Perry, the most followed person on Twitter has lost over 2 million, Twitter itself has lost a cool 7.5 million, Obama over 2 million and interesting enough, Donald Trump has only lost 100,000 followers.


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