Speed Darlington brags

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has shared the message he received from a woman pleading to carry his child.

The lady had slid into his DM on Facebook to make her request known to him without mincing words. According to her, she wants him to impregnate her so she can have his child.

The woman’s odd request took the online comedian by surprise and he questioned if she was serious, to which she said YES.

 Speed Darlington brags

He, however, didn’t respond to her chat again even though she kept bombarding him with messages, urging to know his decision.

Reacting to the ladies’ request, Speed took to his social media page to brag about being a king who doesn’t chase after women and instead, attracts them.

“My life is so good
Girls dey beg me to have my child
I dey America dey waste time
I told you I’m never chasing
I’m never chasing
I am a king,”
he said in a voiceover.

Watch the clip below,

A while back, Speed Darlington posed a question at his longtime love interest, DJ Cuppy, following her engagement to her boxer boyfriend, Ryan Taylor.

Recall that the billionaire heiress and entertainer got engaged to Ryan few weeks back after she said a big YES to his marriage proposal at a Gumball award night in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking on Cuppy’s engagement in a video shared on his social media page, Speed Darlington said he feels hurt because Cuppy ignored all the passes he made at her and went ahead to settle for Ryan because he bought her a Rolex wristwatch on her birthday.

He further questioned if she agreed to marry Ryan out of love, or if she’s just under pressure to get married because her younger sister, Temi Otedola is engaged to singer, Mr Eazi. Watch the video here

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