Pregnant woman causes

A pregnant woman has gotten people talking on social media after she underwent an intense ‘spa’ session to lighten her skin instantly.

A video trending on the internet shows the moment the woman went through the procedure called ‘lightening glow bath’ to bleach her skin.

In the viral clip, the heavily pregnant woman, who covered her face to conceal her identity, passed through different stages of treatment to achieve a lighter skin.

Pregnant woman causes

The beautician applied different liquid products, charcoal-like substance, steam on the pregnant woman’s skin, and walked around her body with a lantern lit with fire.

After the application, she used water to rinse all the substances from her body and her skin had transformed into a lighter tone.

Watch below,

The video clip has sparked different reactions online as many berated the expectant mother for putting her baby in harm’s way because she couldn’t wait to deliver before undergoing the procedure.

See how some reacted below,

@sashyhairempire wrote, “If unreasonable was a person. Like why do this during pregnancy. You for wait na. Shey you no care for your baby 😢”

@_lolashub wrote, “The amount of people that will deal with cancer of the skin next decade Ehn, may God help us”

@choicespiritdidoo wrote, “Imagine this one now needs surgery and the stitches refuses to hold.”

An IG user @tee_ess_ who was enraged by the video commented,

“This is video is giving me serious chest pain. I am so irritated and annoyed. please, when choosing a life partner endeavour to choose a “kind, selfless and knowledgeable woman. Someone knowledgeable and well-learned wouldn’t do something like this. Only a selfish person, who doesn’t care about her child’s health but her looks will do something this ridiculous.

There are some ingredients that pregnant women should avoid I’m sure she doesn’t even know anything about what they are rubbing on her body, a woman just wants to lighten up and glow 🤡 .
Ffs! It is normal for hormones to fluctuate during pregnancy.

Skin changes during pregnancies are normal. A lot of women may experience darkened faces/skin during pregnancy due to naturally INCREASED melanin production. These darkened areas usually lighten within a few months of delivery.

You don’t need a “lightning bath or Cream or anti-acne drug for these “temporary” changes.
We know that you don’t love yourself enough, if you do, you won’t be going for a lightning bath but please for the sake of the innocent soul, stay away from these things.”

Meanwhile, another IG user @miss_aruchi who had another take on the issue wrote, “All of you complaining that why do it when she’s pregnant, what if her husband doesn’t find her attractive anymore and she’s getting too dark that she can’t handle it???”

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