English professional football coach, John Terry, has gifted his twins, Georgie and Summer, matching Mercedes cars for their 17th birthday.

The former footballer’s twins, Georgie and Summer, turned 17 today, May 18, and John Terry surprised them with the matching luxury cars, leaving everyone in awe.

Taking to his Instagram page on Thursday, he showed off the gifts accompanied by a sweet birthday message to his twins.

He shared a photo of their matching decorations and birthday cakes before revealing their two very lavish first cars, which cost around £41,000.

“Happy 17th Birthday @georgie26terry 💙 @sum26terry. We hope you have an amazing day. Mum & I wish you all the happiness and success in the world. We are so proud of you both. We love you so much 💙🎂❤️,” he wrote.

Terry’s heartwarming gesture to his children has captured attention and admiration from fans and followers across social media platforms.

See photos below,

In other news, Grace Inetimi, one of the daughters of renowned Nigerian singer, Timaya, has revealed that can only travel in first-class.

She stated this during a recent chat with her mother and other girls in their home, while they were all sharing their travel preferences.

A video of the 42-year-old singer’s daughter boldly declaring her preferred flight option has gone viral online, sparking mixed reactions from online users.

An IG user wrote, “Their father can afford it so why worry.. my prayer is for @timayatimaya to stay alive and give them the best of life.. ❤️”

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