American comedian Khairy Creek has shared via his page on the microblogging platform X why his daughter refused to ask him to participate in the dad’s race in her school.

She was telling him about the conversation she had with her friends regarding the dad’s race in her school when he asked her why she didn’t ask him to participate.

He mentioned that his daughter stared at him and then back at his stomach without uttering any word.

Her dad who seemed to have a protruding belly understood the reason why she refused to ask him to participate in the race.

His tweet read;

My daughter said all the kids were in school talking about whose dad would win in a race. She said that they all agreed to ask their dads to be in the race. I asked why she didn’t ask me to race. She looked at me. She looked at my stomach. Then we drove home in silence

Below are some of the reactions,

@romeWithADot:  Now you gotta make a formal complaint about an unsanctioned sporting event. fun’s over. ain’t nobody’s daddy running now.

@smudgeherbrain:  omg that shit woulda humbled me so bad I would’ve gotten inspired lmao

@im_tolumichael:  The silence on your way was as loud as ever 

@TeliaTequlia:  Nah this would had me in gym soon as we step foot in the house

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