chidi mokeme mocks Presidency

Nigerian actor and reality show host, Chidi Mokeme, who recently mocked the new photo of president Buhari and APC delegates, saying the government officials went to attend the house warming of our new seat of government in Abuja house, London, has taken to his Instagram page again to share pictures of the six governors who visited the President in London yesterday and to mock the Presidency.

The 45-year-old actor disclosed that the Presidency has released time table for visit to Buhari in London.

He wrote:

#InOtherNews Following the success of the last 2 editions of the presidential lotto, the organisers, #TheKitchenCabinet, based on doctors recommendations, have in their magnanimity, extended the privilege to other sectors thus, *** PRESIDENCY RELEASES TIMETABLE FOR VISIT TO BUHARI IN LONDON *** 1. APC governors: Balcony cabinet (Visited)
2. PDP governors: Boys Quater cabinet (Visited- please note Federal Character Compliance)
3. UPP, APGA, NDP, HDP, ADPA, SDP, AC AND OTHERS (31st July). 4. NIGERIAN STUDENTS (3rd August). 4. FARMERS(5th August)
5. MEDICAL DOCTORS (10th August). 6. LECTURERS(12th August). 7. APC online Zombies (15th August). 8. PDP WAILING WAILERS (18th August)
9. OTHER WORKERS NOT MENTIONED ABOVE(20th August). 10. CRIPPLES AND OTHER DISABLED PEOPLE(23rd August). 11. IPOB BIAFRANS (25th August). 12. NIGER DELTA MILITANTS (27th August). 13. OPC MEMBERS (28th August). 14. BOKO HARAM MEMBERS (30th August). 15. AYO FAYOSE, WIKE AND FFK (2nd September proposed but still under consideration)

#Adapted #ChidiSense Gwazie ndi yardi unu o

chidi mokeme mocks Presidency

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