A Nigerian man has narrated how a thrift vendor cut communications with him following his advise that she return the money worth millions of Naira she discovered inside a bale of thrift clothes she’d ordered.

The gentleman, a US consultant for admission, shared on his Twitter page that he’d advised the said lady to return the money as a child of God. He revealed that the said vendor is his friend’s sister and a vendor for Okrika (thrifted) clothes.

In the bale of clothes she’d ordered, the sum of $1850, which is close to 2 Million when exchanged in Nigerian Naira, was discovered in it. The consultant beckoned on the lady to return the money but shortly after, he realized he could no longer view her status.

Taking to his page, he wrote,

“My friend’s sister who sells Okirika, just found $1850 in the bail of Okirika she bought.

I asked her to return the money to the owner. As a child of God, you’re to return it.

I can longer see her WhatsApp status anymore and my messages are no longer delivering.

What happened?”

Netizens have since taken to the comment section to react to his story. Read some comments as you scroll,

“Unfortunately, you have been blocked. Asking her to return almost 2 million 😁 I’m sure she will call it a miracle 😂”

“Who will she return the money to? You deserve serious blocking, both on WhatsApp and in real life.”

“If her left hand wants to cause her to sin, won’t she cut it off?”

“You know how many “ bad bales” or “Nigeria packing bales” She don open ! Only people in the business can understand sha😊😊.”

“I ask very respectfully: how exactly do you think ‘divine favor’ and ‘answered prayers’ look like?”

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