A Medical doctor has raised concern about a cholera outbreak in Lagos State via the microblogging platform X.

She revealed that it is mostly recurring on the Island part of Lagos state and people have been dying every day from it.

To contain the waterborne disease, she advised people living in this specific area to cease purchasing food outside.

Her tweet read;

“There’s a cholera outbreak in Lagos and people are dying. especially on the island. please cook your food at home, at least for now.”

While some internet users confirmed that her warning is true, others advised people to stay safe out there.

Below are some of the comments;

@seunosewa:  There is a problem with water that we are facing. Even bottled water has a variety of tastes these days. The reliable brands are no longer reliable. I can’t figure out what’s happening at all. Gut isn’t happy.

@01percentman:  Outbreak or not if you love your life and your health please ALWAYS cook your food. Every time you eat outside you have no idea how your food was made or the unhealthy ingredients used in cooking it. 

@chinekedbabe:  It’s on Mainland too. Just yesterday I saw one family battling with it in a nearby hospital

@Kessiedoll:  A cholera outbreak in 2024 is crazy. Do you people not understand what it means???? Cholera is a stark indicator of poverty!

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