Aline Limau And Christiano

A 22 year old beauty has revealed she turned down world popular footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Aline Lima reportedly told the football superstar she was “not single” when he asked her to send him “gym selfies” and even offered her tickets to watch him play.

He ­flirted with the Aussie brunette while his club were on a tour Down Under.

When Aline learned that Ronaldo was in Oz, the Brazilian-born model and make-up ­artist sent him a message on Instagram, asking if he had ­received a fan ­letter from her boyfriend Alex.

But Cristiano’s replies turned racy, as he asked her in their native Portuguese:

“Can I have a photo when you are in the gym?”

When she told him:

“No, my boyfriend would not be happy”,

Ronaldo boldly replied: “No one knows, baby. Quiet. “I do not show anybody.”

Aline Limau Christiano

He was shocked when she continued to deny his requests,replying: “Seriously?”

Later she asked whether there was any chance for her superfan boyfriend to meet the star while he was in Australia.But Ronaldo made it clear he only wanted to meet her alone.

In further exchanges via the mobile phone messaging service WhatsApp , the player replied:

“Yes, beautiful. But it is difficult. I do not want to know man. I want to meet you.”

Aline Limau

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