A Nigerian man, identified as Mr Godwin Udoh, has shared a disheartening story of how the Nigerian police killed his wife while speaking in an interview in ‘Out of nowhere‘.

While narrating the incident that occurred on the 16th of September 2015, the man said that he and his family were returning from church when they were stopped by a police.

The police had stopped them and requested a sum of 2000 naira from him; however, he informed them that he does not have any money.

Another officer then asked them to go. Unexpectedly, the officer who initially stopped them, Corporal Musefiu Aremu, cocked his gun and shot at them from behind.

The flying bullets hit his jaw, spilt his right arm while the second bullet hit his wife who was carrying their eleven months old baby on the right hand side of her head and came out from the left hand side, causing her to die instantly.

He had no idea that some of the bullets had hit his wife until his kids informed him by saying “Daddy, mummy is dying.”

After finding out that he had lost his wife, he walked up to the officer who shot at them, drenched in his own blood and asked what he had done to deserve this.

The officers however fled the scene in their car, leaving him and his children on the spot.

Sharing the story on the microblogging platform X, @AbisolaAlawode wrote in the caption;

“A sad encounter with officers of the Nigerian Police Force changed the trajectory of Mr Godwin Udoh and his family’s lives. His wife was shot and killed by a police officer. He was also shot. After he recovered, he sued the police and a court asked them to pay him N100m… Get this, the CBN then came and said the police had exactly N553,880 in their account with them so they can’t pay Godwin. I couldn’t believe it. But it’s true. My prayer remains that Godwin gets the respite he and his family needs.”

Watch the video below,

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