A video of a lady introducing her white friend to drinking garri for the first time has generated amusing reactions from internet users.

In the video, the lady is heard teaching her friend how to drink garri and telling him the condiments to add to make it perfect.

Garri, which is made from cassava, is widely consumed in every parts of Nigerian in different ways and it’s generally hailed for ‘saving lives’.

The video which was shared on the microblogging platform X and has gone viral captured her white friend referring to ‘garri’ as ‘jerri’.

According to him, garri sounds like a name for a person so every time his Nigerian friend says garri he repeats jerri.

After having few spoons of the garri, he suggested that blue berries and bananas be added next time when drinking garri.

His Nigerian friend however teased him that he was going to be sued by Nigerians for trying to add to perfection.

Netizens who came across the video however found it hilarious, while others hyped the meal.

Below are some reactions from netizens;

Nigerians are exporting our culture and food in a very commendable way

Garri must be protected

Took him seconds to understand what he is eating and why is he breathing that way.

A very good step to making him pure and permanent Nigerian

Watch the video below,

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